The advantages of joining a pre-professional student organization

I joined PRSSA because I thought that it was a great way for me to be involved in an organization that linked directly to my major.

Many times in college we join the first organizations we identify with, whether its race, personal interests or geographic location themed organizations. The funny thing is that we never join the organizations that link to the reasons we actually come to college in the first place: our majors and minors!

Who knew that there would be so many organizations that would benefit you in your career?

Being that I am public relations major and a marketing minor, I wanted to join an organization that would directly benefit me when I graduated from college!

Also, when joining this organization, I knew that it would help me to rub elbows with people in the same field as me, and am interested in the same things that I am.

Source: GoTekEnergy

Source: GoTekEnergy

Within any major or minor it is vital that you use your resources and who you know for better opportunities and just to “be in the know.” This can be beneficial when looking for internships (which you will need to graduate) and current job openings for after you graduate or are nearing graduation!

Finally, being a part of PRSSA has given me opportunities to attend conferences, agency tours and learn firsthand of all of the sweet things within my career field. It’s also helped me to gain leadership roles within PRSSA, on the executive board.

I would advise any and every one to find an organization that directly ties to their major and minor.

Misha Byrd
Vice President of Member Relations

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