My thoughts on the Google v. Bing battle

We’re hearing it everywhere, “Don’t get Scroogled!”

There are commercials about it, it’s all over banner ads on the Internet, and I’m tired of hearing about it. These attack ads aimed at Google are coming from Microsoft’s Bing, their jealous competitor.

Source: Google

Source: Google

Microsoft hired ex-Clinton advisor Mark Penn to berate Google in this $10 million dollar campaign. It’s no wonder it bears such similarity to a political attack ad: “OK everybody, turn a blind eye to Microsoft’s tie to the unconstitutional NSA surveillance activities because Google is spamming you and that’s way worse.”

I think that maybe Microsoft should take that money spent on “Scroogle” talk and spend it trying to make Outlook more appealing.

Is anyone even surprised there are advertisements still running amok on the Internet? If they haven’t left TV yet, I’m sure they’re here to stay.

Google is not using your private content to spam you to death.

They are just as spam laden (or not) as any other free e-mail service out there. They all do it, and it goes into a separate folder just as it does with G-mail. In this case, Google is sending these unwanted ads to a place called the promotions tab.

In fact, there is even a way to block this spam from your G-mail account. Go to the inbox tab under settings and uncheck the promotions tab. By disabling this tab, you are ceasing the ads.

I’m not giving up my G-mail account, and I like my Android phone.

Google is the place to be for many reasons. They offer more tools for business than any other site out there. Forbes Magazine has also rated it one of the top places to work two years in a row.

Here’s a short list of a fraction of the services Google has to offer business:

  • Google +
  • Google analytics
  • Ad sense
  • Adwords express (for local business solutions)
  • Page Rank
  • AD mob
  • Google calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Google business solution
  • Blogger
  • (URL shortner)
  • Picasa (photo sharing)
  • Google trends
  • Google crisis response
  • Google Apps for business
  • Chrome for business
  • Google alerts

Dear Bing, your information isn’t credible and Microsoft is starting to sound like a scorned politician.

Marcie Cicciarelli
Vice President of Community Relations

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