“I need some ‘Yelp’!”

As a social butterfly, I tend to know where the hippest spots are in every town. But, it’s not because I’m a naturally charismatic person, it’s because I seek out a little help from a website called Yelp.

In 2004, Yelp began as a “Yellow Pages” type of site designed to help people find local businesses in their areas. But, since then it has boomed into a PR phenomenon!

Source: Philly PR Girl

Source: Philly PR Girl

Consumers are the number one users of this website and there are many ways that Yelp helps them out.

  • Selecting the best options: People rate businesses and write reviews based on products and costumer experiences. If you have a bad customer service experience and write about it, that review will stay up forever. It warns others about problems the business has, thus influencing others.
  • Finding cheap eats: Restaurants have a key from the lowest ($) to the highest ($$$$). College students who are looking for a cheap date night idea can refer to this if they are low on funds.
  • Meet new people: If you see people who have the same tastes as you, don’t be afraid to interact with them and learn about new places or fume about bad ones…together!
  • Making travel plans: When I went Cleveland for a vacation, I utilized Yelp to select a hotel, restaurants and shopping. I wanted everything to be close by and in a safe area. Everyone I traveled with had an amazing trip due to the recommendations I found by utilizing Yelp!
  • Directions: If you download the Yelp app to your iPhone, you can look up places and it can act as a GPS for you if you need it. You can walk or drive to the location without getting lost!

Businesses can utilize Yelp, too!

  • Reviews: Businesses can read reviews to see what they are doing right and wrong. A good business owner should respond to bad reviews promptly and apologetically, focusing on how they plan to resolve an issue.
  • HR purposes: If a customer service rep gets nine bad reviews on the site, a business owner should be able to talk to this person about the complaints and work with her on improving those issues.
  • Sharing information: Business owners can update changes to the company’s profile, including store hours, location and contact information and they can even upload menus so potential customers can browse and come prepared for their visit.
  • Check out the competition: Businesses can read reviews about their rivals in order to find new trends or see what is helping others succeed or making them fail.

As a traveler and someone who is passionate about food, I enjoy this website.

Whenever I go to a city, even my hometown, I use this service. I learn about new and amazing things that I never even knew existed.

Yelp is my number one secret to how I live a lifestyle that is fun. Life is to short so shake it up by using Yelp.

Scott Mullin
Chief Financial Officer

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