SNL: Free publicity for celebrities

Saturday Night Live has been known for their humorous skits for decades and decades. Whether it is making a joke about the latest scandal or current events, SNL likes to cover it all.

But the show has much more to offer to celebrities and companies than just a night of laughter, it’s a great opportunity for some free publicity.

The show always has a different celebrity to host and to help the regular cast act out the skits.

That alone is a great publicity.


Justin Timberlake in one of the many skits he has done for SNL. (Source:

The show allows celebrities to be creative and show a different side of themselves. In fact, there are a select few celebrities that have hosted the show five times which include, Justin Timberlake, Tom Hanks, and Danny DeVito.

Alec Baldwin used SNL to his great advantage after his American Airlines Scandal last year. Baldwin got into a feud with the flight attendants after they asked him to turn off his cellphone. He didn’t want to because was in the middle of a Words With Friends game and ended up delaying the entire flight. This could be bad publicity for some, but Baldwin got a PR advantage by going on SNL. He did a skit pretending to be the Pilot of the flight and made the situation humorous. In fact, he even made American Airlines look like the bad ones.

One of the most popular celebrities known for using SNL as a PR tactic for a comeback was Lindsay Lohan. Lohan’s presence made the ratings for the episode extremely high. Everyone wanted to tune in to see what she was up to. She participated in skits that made fun of her past and for the time she spent in jail. Lohan used SNL to portray the “new her.” It was her first attempt to a comeback with her movie career.

With each episode there’s always a musical performance. One of the most famous, and quite possibly one of the worst PR messes to deal with on SNL was Ashlee Simpson’s lip-syncing disaster. Now if a musician has a little more to offer than Ashlee did then SNL is great place to get some publicity. Most musicians perform some of their newest music on the show and it’s the perfect way for to get the work out their.

And let’s not forget the parodies Saturday Night Live is known for. They always make one fake advertisement making fun of a major company. Sometimes the parodies can give companies some negative light, but for the most part it is just free publicity for the company or product.

Saturday Night Live is free PR for celebrities, musicians, and even companies. If a celebrity is asked to host the show, they should definitely take it.

Abbey Flores
Guest Blogger, Student
Eastern Michigan University

One response to “SNL: Free publicity for celebrities

  1. SNL is a great way to showcase music too. I remember the first episode of the new season, they did a great job of showcasing Arcade Fire and their new abulm. They helped put them over to audiences who have never heard of them.

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