Going against the grain

Many people say that you should never go against the standard that has been set for you.

“You’ll be looked at differently.” “You’re not qualified enough to perform in that position, so don’t apply.”

But, since when do we allow other people’s perceptions to define who we are? Many say that college is the perfect opportunity for you to expand your outlook and try new things. I consider that to be “going against the grain.”

Source: The Real Tony Huynh

Source: The Real Tony Huynh

So, why am I talking to you about “going against the grain”? Why does this apply to your life? In public relations, or any major for that matter, it is important to step out of your shell and experience the fruits of your labor. The first thing I would recommend doing would be finding student organizations that line up with the line of work you plan on doing.

Joining these organizations will be of great benefit to you because it provides you with the experience needed to (a) add to your resume and (b) give you real world experience in those areas. Also, it is highly advised that you hold a leadership position in the organizations you’re a part of – on your resume this shows your ability to be versatile and your ability to lead.

When I think about “going against the grain,” I automatically think about defying the odds – taking changes and risks that you normally probably wouldn’t take. So, you’re not the greatest public speaker? Even more reason to practice! Go against that felling in your gut that tells you that you can’t.

When seeking a profession in corporate America, or whatever you want to do, it is very important to be secure and willing to take a risk. Who says that your next idea won’t be the one the company uses? Don’t be afraid to speak up, even if your idea is rejected. Think outside of the box, and never be afraid to hear the word “no”!

“Going against the grain” may not always be the right answer, but look at what happened to Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. YOU could be the next great thing!

Misha Byrd
Vice President of Member Relations

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