Managing first day jitters

When starting an internship, you need to prepare yourself and be calm. First days can be nerve-wracking and jitters can cause you to be unfocused. I know I always have jitters, and I’m sure you’ve had them, too!

I’ve always been quite shy, especially around people I don’t know. As I’ve gotten older and grown up, I’ve gotten much better at being more outgoing around people I don’t know, but sometimes it can be a struggle, particularly when I want to make a good impression.

Source: NYU Local

Source: NYU Local

But, here are some tips that have helped me get rid of those jitters.

  • Don’t rush! You’ll probably be learning a lot on your first day, and it can be overwhelming. That’s OK! Take your time, learn the ropes and ask a lot of questions. The more you observe and learn, the better your time at your new internship will be for you in the long run.
  • Introduce yourself! You’re going to meet a lot of people on your first day, so make sure you introduce yourself, shake their hands and remember to smile. It will take a few days to learn names and faces, but that’s OK. You need to know your coworkers and what they do so you can help them as much as possible.
  • Take notes. Carry around a notebook and pen as you’re being shown the ropes at your new gig. Take notes; write everything down including names, important dates, phone numbers and anything else you think you’ll need to remember in a few days. Taking notes also proves you are organized and can be prepared for anything!
  • Ask questions! If you don’t know, then ask! They aren’t expecting you to know absolutely everything on your first day and your supervisors and coworkers are there to help you learn. They want you to ask questions and they want you to help make their business thrive.
  • Take a lunch break! More than likely, on your first day you’re going to be overwhelmed. This is to be expected. Just remember to take a lunch break and unwind for a little bit. If you get short breaks, take a quick walk outside to clear your head and calm down. It will help! Promise.
Emily Vontom

One response to “Managing first day jitters

  1. The first day on the job is never easy or stress free for anyone. Reminding yourself that you aren’t expected to be perfect, nor are you supposed to know everything is important.

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