EMU PRSSA visits the Social Media Command Center at GM

One of the many benefits of being an e-board member of EMU PRSSA is getting to going on exclusive tours of really cool places. Recently, four of our e-board members got to experience the social media command center at General Motors!


Pic Source: Emily Vontom

Our tour began with Michael Savoni, social media business process lead at GM, giving us an overview of the integration between marketing, PR and customer care.

Pic Sources: Gina Luttrell, Emily Vontom

Pic Sources: Gina Luttrell, Emily Vontom

From there, we viewed a long wall of TV screens that featured the aggregation software Bottlenose which is used to pull each keyword mention online pertaining to every vehicle brand owned by GM.

Source: Emily Vontom

Source: Emily Vontom

GM, Buick, Cadillac, Chevy and GMC trends are all tracked through this software which makes it easier for the customer service reps to isolate what is and isn’t impacting and driving conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Google,+ and forums (including the GM FastLane blog).

Once we were given the grand tour of the command center, we got to sit one on one with different customer care representatives. We were able to experience how each person uses platforms like Twitter and Facebook to drive conversation and respond to customer concerns and praise.

During our visit, we also got to tour the PR offices at GM and meet some of the lead social media team. Thank you so much to Michael and GM for allowing us to visit, we learned a lot and had such a great time!

Among what we learned during our trip to GM?

  • At GM, PR, customer care and marketing are all integrated into one group
  • Social media is crucial to customer service
  • GM is ranked number seven by Forture in social media
  • The GM customer assistance team monitors all forms of social media to answer questions and handle complaints
  • PR, customer care/social media and marketing do about 70,000 interactions per month at GM.
Source: Emily Vontom

View of the Detroit River from the GM offices
Source: Emily Vontom

Marcie Cicciarelli / Emily Vontom
Vice President of Community Relations / President

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