How to enhance your professional portfolio

Having a professional portfolio is one of the most important things you can have in your arsenal. As a student, your portfolio may not be very full, but there are ways you can add to it without filling it with class assignments.

While included class assignments is great – especially if you got an A+ – having real world experience included is more important.



Go online. Putting your portfolio online is a great way to enhance your portfolio. Showing off your skills by designing your online portfolio and attaching a blog to it shows you understand things like web design (HTML, CSS), Photoshop and social media.

Volunteer. Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you can’t get professional experience. Contact local nonprofits to see if they need a volunteer to help with press releases, social media or web design. These experiences mean just as much as an internship, plus they’re a great resume booster and show you care about your community. Try nonprofits like the Red Cross, the humane society or museums.

Go social. Include social media in your portfolio. If your portfolio is online, include links to the social media accounts you manage, help manage or have managed in the past. And include screen shots! If your portfolio is in the traditional leather-bound binder form, include screen shots of some of the impressive things you’ve gone. Also important: include metrics! Did you increase followers and shares by 50%? Tell the story.

Emily Vontom

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