A Day in the Life of a PR Student

Most college students roll out of bed each morning, grab a cup of Joe, head to class, go to work, check their personal Facebook account or Twitter before heading to bed, and then start all over again.

However, going to school for public relations and working as a public relations assistant for Eastern Michigan University’s theatre department is a whole different kind of day. 

As a public relations student my day begins with grabbing the largest cup of coffee I can find and checking my email while I brush my teeth. I respond to Facebook posts over my phone as I put on make-up (warning don’t put on mascara and post comments at the same time…take my advice). Between classes I

Source: IABC

Source: IABC

am always checking my work’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr in addition to my own multiple email accounts. Since my work revolves around social media and blogging, I am constantly online; responding and communicating with our followers.

Staying connected is an essential aspect of being a success in public relations since connecting with your clients or potential customers is communication.

And, just like in any relationship, communication is completely necessary. After my classes and work, a significant portion of my day is spent taking time to follow current trends, future trends and keeping up to date on the news and what’s hot in the media world.

 One of the best things about being a public relations major is you get to meet so many new people all the time. Since we have to always be connecting with people online we make so many interactions with people. Plus as a PR representative, you are one of the first people that possible clients or current customers will talk to.

Since I truly enjoy people and have good communication skills, its fun for me! But I must admit, after a long day of exams, studying, and work, sometimes I would like to not be so connected to people. So that’s the one drawback in my opinion.

It is my hope that no matter what major you as a student are pursuing or career path you’re on, that you will find joy in getting out of bed each and every day.

Lauren Bronson
Guest Blogger, Student
Eastern Michigan University

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