Sharing and caring with social media

Even though we live in the information age, it is shocking to see people who have no knowledge of any information at all – especially on social media.

It is vital that every public relations practitioner follow the news daily – you need to know what is going on in the world and what the current trends are, especially if they relate to you and your industry.

Business news is especially important. If a company suffers a PR nightmare like Burger King did when their Twitter account was hacked. You need to pay attention to see how that situation is handled. You can learn a lot from a situation if you see that they did a good job with the crisis. You can probably learn more if they did something wrong.

Thanks to the social media, you not only get to see how a company handles the situation, but you get the opportunity to see how the public reacts to the tactics taken by a company. You should even take notes because you never know when a crisis can occur. These notes can be a nice little playbook to get you started on your own crisis management projects.

I feel that sometimes, the most important reason to follow the news isn’t PR related, but life related. What’s the point of the human experience if we don’t see how others are living. In this age of social media, more people are concerned with telling the world that they are going for a workout or taking selfies.

Social media is a great and modern way to express yourself, but I have a good tip to share with you about expressing yourself and not being dull while doing so: share news and offer your own two cents. Here’s an example:

A 78-year-old man from South Carolina walked for miles wearing a sign on his body that asked for someone to donate a kidney to his sick wife. He found a match for her. This news gave me chills as I finally regained hope that love still exists.

For bonus points, add a link to the news. Here’s the link for this great story.

You see, if you share news and your two cents, you create something that’s worth caring about. This is much better than, “So, I worked out ate a turkey burger and now I’m going to listen to Drake.”

Source: Lex Blog

Source: Lex Blog

To me, the word “social” means interacting with people. When you share news and offer insight, you create talking points and shows that you are smart. Keep it up and you will have people following you and sharing your insight instead of unfollowing you and ignoring what you have to say.

Social media is all about having conversations with others, not telling people about your television viewing schedule or current music selection.

One final thought: if everyone shared one piece of useful and informative information, and in turn we read that information, we would all be better off and the world would be able to come up with more creative ideas and solutions to problems that plague society.

Please take the extra effort to seek out the news, you never know when one of your followers can make a difference in the community. In turn, they may never know they can make a difference if you don’t share something worthwhile.

The world moves too fast to talk about how slow traffic is. You must keep up with the fast paced world we live in or you’ll be stuck like a rock in a hard place while the human experience passes you by.

Scott Mullin
Chief Financial Officer

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