School secrets you aren’t taught in class

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 years old or 81, education should be a lifelong journey. Whether you are a PR major or a math minor, here are some quick tips that can enhance your time as a student on any campus.

  • Sleep! The biggest distraction in any college career is lack of sleep, makes sure you get enough. Take naps if you need! The lack of sleep will hinder your thinking and make you cranky.
  • Bookmarks! If you use a picture of a family member as a bookmark, you’ll be more likely to read because they are your motivation to graduate and do well.
  • Water! Staying hydrated will give you energy and keep you healthy and focused.
  • 10 minutes before you sleep do this! Each night, you should make a list of things to do the next day. If you have everything written down, you’ll be more organized and more likely to stay focused on getting tasks done and less time wasting your time.
  • Mindset! If you say “this class is too hard,” you will set yourself up for failure. Instead say, “I will work as hard as possible and follow through.” By being positive, you are setting the bar high for yourself and later in the semester when you start getting those good grades, you’ll feel a great catharsis and you will ride momentum all the way to the final.
  • Brain stopped working? If you study too much, your mind will shut down. Go take a break, go on a walk and study when you’ve cleared your mind. You’ll retain more information when you’re able to concentrate.
  • Just show up! If you go to class every day and participate, it would be practically impossible to get a worse grade than someone who doesn’t ever comet to class.
  • Weirdo! If you see someone who looks weird, don’t avoid them – say hi and find out more about them. This is the start of something us almost professionals call “networking.”
  • Make friends! You’re in college and people are everywhere doing everything. You want to friend people, don’t just hide behind your computer. Get out onto campus and meet people so you can have a social life that has nothing to do with Twitter or Facebook.
  • Work it out! Working out relieves stress, prevents the ‘Freshman 15’ and it makes you stronger. Plus, you get to meet people.
  • Interests! Make a list of interests and go look up a list of student organizations and find matches. You’ll get to meet a lot of cool people this way. I hear PRSSA is a pretty awesome student org, by the way!
  • Ask questions! Everyone has them, but many are afraid to speak up and ask. Your question will eventually be answered. You know who asks questions? Leaders.
  •  Love mistakes! We all make mistakes, but only a few of us actually learn from our mistakes. Embrace your errors, admit that you’re wrong and work on ways to not make the same mistakes again. This is called personal growth.
  • Laugh! If you smile and laugh more, you’ll feel more fulfilled. People will flock to you. Make light of a stressful situation and you’ll get through them smoothly. Nothing is more contagious than a smile – infest the world and have a great year!
Scott Mullin
Chief Financial Officer

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