Starbucks’ “secret menu” could pay off

If you have not heard about Starbucks secret menu, then you are probably going to be surprised if the person in front of you orders a fruity pebbles frappuccino.

The fruity pebbles frappuccino is just one of the rare flavors that customers will not find advertised on store menus. And I am sure there are still many more to discover since an article by Woman’s Day stated there are more than 87,000 possible drink combinations.

In fact, the secret menu has seven pages of uncommon and unique creations, such as buttered popcorn, banana split, s’mores and many more. However, the drink combination that is calling my name is the Twix frappuccino.



The new flavors definitely make for a unique Starbucks experience, but I think my favorite part about the secret menu is that customers created every frappuccino on it. I believe that makes each frappuccino seem more special than if the company came up with the flavors.

It is a lot of fun to let customers order a frappuccino that another customer created. I believe this helps bring people closer to the brand because they feel the company values their ideas and it allows customers to have their own customized drinks, which helps build the relationship between the customer and the company.

I also think the idea allows people to engage with the brand by informing friends and family about new frappuccinos, which also makes the message seem more personalized compared to TV ads. In addition, the word of mouth advertising helps the company because customers will be more likely to try a product that is suggested by their friends than by the company.

Mark Baldwin, public relations manager of Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A, said in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, “I think the appeal is having that relationship with the brand where you know something that others don’t.”

There are also a few other secrets on the menu, such as sizes and teas.

In fact, customers might be surprised to find out the short, which is the kid’s size, might not be advertised for all beverages, but it is possible to order any beverage in this size.

Customers who plan to try out any of the drink combinations from the secret menu should also plan to tell the ingredients to the barista since they were not required to learn the drinks that customers created.

What are your thoughts on the secret menu?

Heidi Guenter
Vice President of Communications

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