Why not join PRSSA this fall?

There are many reasons why public relations students at Eastern Michigan University should join PRSSA. It should be common sense that a student group focusing on a major could be quite beneficial to anyone in that particular area of study.

It would be useful for other students, also.

Communications and journalism majors would have also have incentive to join a club that could add knowledge and skills to their professions. PR is a growing field that overlaps and encompasses many different job positions, and a better understanding of how it works would be smiled upon by most potential employers.

That is a main point I attempt to stress here to students considering joining PRSSA: do you have enough of a resume built already to not need a PRSSA membership?

The answer is “no.”

There are many different incentives why someone should join this group. The most solid reason is it will help out most resumes tremendously after a student graduates. The competition for jobs is still stiff, and everyone needs to try everything possible to better oneself in the eyes of an employer.

The job market is still shaky, and everyone needs a leg up on the competition. Most college students don’t have a very beefed up resume, and an active PRSSA member with a recommendation letter could catch an employer’s attention. It certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Source: PRSSA

Source: PRSSA

Another great thing about PRSSA is the option to be as active as your schedule allows. There are meetings twice a month and a lot of trips and activities, but very little is mandatory. E-board members have a bit more responsibility, but those positions are only available to those who run for them. (If you’re interested in joining the EMU PRSSA e-board, a special election will be held this fall to fill our last vacant position – Editor-in-Chief! More information to come soon!)

PRSSA provides information about a booming job field that can be useful and insightful. However, it also provides students with another outlet to become more socially active. Eastern’s PRSSA Chapter is always looking for new faces at their meetings, and anyone who’s tired of watching TV or playing video games should get off the couch and partake in something more stimulating and worthwhile.

Simply, college is what you make out of it. If you are tired of sitting in your dorm room, join a student group and meet new people. There are plenty of motivated and bright people at EMU, but you aren’t going to find them unless you make an effort and sacrifice a bit of personal time.

There is a fee to join, and Tuesday nights are not always free on everyone’s schedules. But, the chance to be recognized by a nationally recognized student group is an opportunity most college scholars let pass. When sitting in front of a potential employer with a skimpy resume, most wish they hadn’t.

The fall semester is nearly upon us. Let this be the year you take advantage of everything EMU has to offer, and don’t hesitate to try something new. Student groups, like PRSSA, are a good place to start. Not only will you meet new peers, but you will be working towards the goal of becoming successful in your field of study. Sounds like a “win-win” situation to me.

Ken Bowen
Vice President

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