Online portfolios: A must have in the digital age

Do you have a portfolio? A binder full of all of the work you did during college and internships that will help you land that coveted entry-level position at a great company after graduation?

No? That’s OK. I don’t really have a big binder portfolio, either. But I do have a portfolio. It’s online. You can see my resume, check out my portfolio, learn more about me and read my blog. It’s quite the handy little website!

All students should have a portfolio – and putting it online the thing to do these days. With so much going digital, why not put your portfolio up online, too?

It’s a one-stop shop for employers who want to learn more about you and the work you’ve done.

My portfolio is hosted on WordPress. In the past, I have had it hosted it on Blogger because it was easier customize and make it more “me.” I’ve switched back to WordPress because it offers a more professional look, but my blog is hosted on Blogger. It’s really just a personal preference, either platform is great!

Source: Mashable

Source: Mashable

On my site you can read my blog, check out my resume, find other great blogs to read on my blog roll, see my work in writing, design and social media.

But, you’re probably asking – what’s wrong with just having all of your work put into a binder? Well…

  • Transparency! Having a one-stop shop for employers with links to your social media accounts, resume and work is amazing. They’ll be thrilled about how easy you made it for them to find you online, plus they’ll get to see your creativity at work. It’s a great first impression.
  • SEO. Oh, SEO! If you do it right, you can have employers find you just through Google searches! Make sure you utilize SEO. It’s all about keywords. Use them!
  •  Showcase yourself. Employers will be able to see your work before they even call you in for an interview. Having a link to your website on your resume just gives you an advantage of those who do not have one at all.
  • More space + capabilities. Space in your binder is limited – plus it’s hard to showcase the work you’ve done in something like social media. With an online portfolio, you can add links to social media accounts that you managed. Plus, you can add even more of the work you love that you just couldn’t squeeze into that binder.

Now, having a traditional portfolio is just fine and dandy – in fact, it might be smart to have both. Some employers want you to bring in hard copies of writing samples.

But, since it’s summer, and I’m sure you have at least a little down time, then why not start working on your portfolio? I’ll even help you out if you need it.

Emily Vontom

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  1. Emily et al. Great job.

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