You’re fine, Facebook!

There have been a few moments when I’ve regretted the decision to join Facebook.

For the most part I am delighted each time I log in and get to share in the joys, triumphs (and sometimes sorrows) of my Facebook friends.

Since 2008 I have been lucky enough to see many friends in other states with their newborn babies, my little cousins graduating, and have reconnected with old friends from my hometown. Seeing all of the happy families makes the few headaches that come along with Facebook membership all worthwhile.

I must admit though, I am not what they would consider a “regular” user.

I am too busy, have other priorities, and am known to be away from my account for a month or more at a time.

I know I’m not alone.

People like Tim Maurer of Forbes is reporting such disdain for Facebook, he’s dumping his account altogether. For some it is a matter of time management, for others the next security breach seems too imminent.

Maurer explains why his reasons are tenfold. He feels he learns more from competitor Twitter, wants to simplify his life, and has grown tired of the new advertising posts.

He said, “I care more about you than the fact that you like Cherry Coke. I certainly care more about you than whatever Facebook wants me to buy, and it seems like there are increasingly more ads every day.”

Maurer also said, “Most of my Facebook friends aren’t [actually friends]. They’re not enemies. It’s not that I wish them ill, but for the majority of them, there’s a reason we don’t associate other than on Facebook.”

According to a recent Pew Research survey the current trend is for users to either take an extended break or leave the site altogether citing various reasons ranging from time constraints to “too much drama”. Those surveyed made mention of

Source: Girls in White Dress Blog

Source: Girls in White Dress Blog

issues such as idiotic posts, insane friends, and useless or ridiculous posts.

This Pew study found that nearly 20 percent of the users surveyed took their extended break due to other priorities. Of those who took a break, nearly 10 percent admitted that the Social Media site had become “stale” to them.  Another 10 percent cited plain and simple boredom.

Don’t fret Facebook lovers!

It’s going to be okay! In spite of the few writers out there and this small survey sample (which really doesn’t represent even a quarter of the 1.11 billion users worldwide), the site is as steady as ever.

In May, Facebook released its 2013 quarter one financials and they have nothing to worry about. Here are a few fun facts (also released in May) about how well this social media empire is thriving. It’s daily active users are up to 665 million. There are 50 million pages out there with ten million apps and 751 million mobile users.

Here’s one to debunk the Pew study; The average number of monthly posts per (that’s PER) page is 36. If so many people are breaking away who’s posting all this stuff?

“There are people who hate Facebook, a lot. That’s okay. Microsoft has haters. Google has haters. Apple has haters. All these companies are still around, and likely will be for many more years.” Emil Potranski, writer for CNET and ZDNET said.

Facebook has just reached one million advertisers and has never been stronger since the issuing of its IPO. It seems the only worries the site has is the photo sharing being lost to their very own Instagram.

The next time I read an article about how Facebook is losing its foothold or shutting down I’m turning the other cheek. Heck, if I ever figure out how to use my Smartphone I might be on more than once a month. And, even if I do take breaks now and then, my account isn’t going anywhere.

Marcie Cicciarelli
Vice President of Community Relations

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