Personality traits that will help you in PR

Some careers require a certain type of individual to properly handle the different style of workload.

For example, police officers have to put themselves in situations that are potentially very dangerous, so having strong nerves is a plus. A squeamish stomach is not common for emergency room nurses.  Elementary school teachers usually have to possess quite a bit of patience to deal with a room full of rambunctious students.

Every job isn’t for everyone, and considering the requirements may help college students decide the line of work they would like to study and pursue.



To be truly efficient in the field of public relations, there has to be some particular personality traits that stand out. Here are some to consider:

  • Confidence: To represent an entire business, corporation, non-profit organization, etc. there has to be a certain sense of confidence that resonates to employees, customers, stockholders and the public in general. Meek and timid approaches often do not have a place in PR, and are never outlined as a proper tactic to get results.
  • Quick Thinking: When a crisis occurs, there has to be those coming up with bright ideas and responses that best relay the intentions and message of a client. Sometimes there is not enough time to brain storm and action is necessary. If someone can come up with ideas on the fly, they will be treasured by corporate executives and go far in the PR industry.
  • Adaptability: PR practitioners work with management and marketing executives, the sales department, event planners, the general public and customer base. To properly connect with all these different individuals and groups, there has to be an ability to keep a flexible mindset and relay the message to everyone in a professional and appeasing manner.
  • Passion: To properly represent your employer, there has to be a level of personal desire to not relax and stay focused of the goals of the client.  Constantly thinking of new techniques and coming up with ideas, slogans, campaigns, tactics, and events that produce results is vitally important. If there is nothing driving you internally, then PR may not be the right career field.

The list can go on, but this will possibly give a small taste of what is required to work in the PR field.

It is not an easy career to work in at times, but for those that love it they could never picture doing anything else that isn’t as challenging, socially stimulating and interactive.

All jobs have some negative aspects, but loving what you do is one of the most important aspects of life.  Make sure you don’t regret you career choice because it doesn’t fit your personality.

Ken Bowen
Vice President

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