Cooking Up a Comeback: How Paula Deen can rise above using social media

As many of you have heard, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for Paula Deen as many of you have heard.

A one word mistake has lead to the cancellation of her prized TV show on the Food Network as well as being dropped by more than 11 companies including J.C. Penny, Sears Holdings, Walgreens, Smithfield Foods, Caesars Entertainment, Wal-Mart, Target and Home Depot.

Since the incident, she has apologized many times to the media, her fans and has even utilized Twitter to thank everyone for their support. Paula has even received kind words from Al Sharpton and shared them on her Twitter account. This past week for her has been filled with her thanking companies and fans for their support.


Source: NPR

Source: NPR

One word may have lost her a TV show, endorsements, potential money, and fans, but it shouldn’t let her have to get rid of her passion: to COOK.

She needs to remind her fans that what she did was dumb, but that she is a human, one who has lots of life and passion. She needs to get back to what she does best: COOK.

She should make videos of her creating new foods and share them with her followers on Twitter, and her followers can share them with their followers and together they can: COOK.

By focusing on her skill set, she can regain confidence and those new cooking videos she Tweets out can remind people of the great chef she is and not the bad mistake she made. Eventually, she will regain the popularity she once had, because she is driven to remind the world of her God-given talent: to COOK.

And it’s not a matter if she will be on TV, but when. All I can say is when that chance comes back and if she’s about to say something dumb, she should take a few seconds, not say a word and: COOK.

Scott Mullin
Chief Financial Officer

2 responses to “Cooking Up a Comeback: How Paula Deen can rise above using social media

  1. Melanie Young

    Paula Deen is racist, she said more than just one word, and this article is offensive! She obviously didn’t lose all those endorsements for no reason! Check the facts: She admits to saying the N-word, admits to wanting to throw a plantation wedding with black staff, and admits that it happened 20 years ago so we should move on? @0 years ago was 1993, thats hardly a time where it was a social norm to be so racist. I’m shocked that PRSSA would stand behind someone so offensive!

    • Hi Melanie! We appreciate and respect your concern and want you to know that we do not condone or support the use of racial slurs. As students of PR, we try to look at all sides of a crisis. In this case, the writer of the post was trying to showcase how Paula Deen could use social media for damage control and restore her image. There was no intention to stand behind Paula Deen or her comments. Please feel free to contact us via email ( to discuss this further! – Emily (EMU PRSSA President)

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