Why do you need an internship?

These days, getting a job without experience is highly unlikely. You need experience to get an internship and you need an internship to get experience, it’s a catch-22. But you still have to get one.



You’ll work with or for real clients. You’ll work with real professionals. You’ll learn things that your professors just don’t think or know to teach you in your classes. Plus, you get exposed to real life situations that can’t arise in the classroom.

Source: Come Recommended

Source: Come Recommended

For example, writing press releases and creating mock media lists in class is great. Sure, they have due dates. But have you actually written a press release, created a media list and pitched it to the media on an actual deadline? Probably not in a classroom. The classroom is for learning what you need to know to be a professional. An internship teaches you how to be that professional and get the experience you need to be successful.

So, back to that catch-22. How are you supposed to get an internship without experience when internships require experience? Truth be told, there are some great internships that you can get without that much experience.

But, chances are, they’re probably unpaid. And they’re probably at nonprofits. Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s a great thing! In my experience, you get the most out of internships at nonprofits. Nonprofits need help, and you’ll get more than experience stuffing envelopes.

A friend of mine interned at the Detroit Zoo. She got to write press releases, create media lists, take media members on tours of the Zoo and so much more. If you’re looking for a great internship but are having trouble landing one, a nonprofit is a great place to start.

The experience you gain will only benefit you in the long run. I promise.

Getting that experience is important – because chances are, you’ll need, or even want, more than one internship. Once you get the first internship, you’ll be a more desirable candidate to those more coveted paid internships at agencies.

So, start working on the resume and cover letter – your perfect internship is out there somewhere!

Emily Vontom

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