Twitter becoming a foodie’s paradise

Twitter has emerged as a great place for foodies to communicate with each other.

As a food lover, this excites me and makes me want to use the platform a lot more.

Here are some trends I am seeing:

  • Thanks to Instagram, there has been an emergence of food pictures. Food pictures help shows the world what kind of food is out there. It creates conversations about the taste and the ingredients. Food pictures on Twitter can also be negative. I remember someone tweeting Domino’s Pizza a picture of a pizza that was ruined during delivery. Luckily Domino’s used that picture to create a social media plan that thanked the man who took the picture and they made it up to them.
  • Food trucks use Twitter to tell their fans what location they will be at and what time they are there. El Guapo Grill, a food truck in Detroit uses Twitter for this. Here’s an example of one of their tweets. “elGuapoGrill Today we’re at Moosejaw HQ in Madison Heights, from 11:30am-1:30pm, join us!”
  •  Thanks to hashtags, people can create and join in on food related conversations. A really fun one to hash tag is #TacoBell or #LocosTacos. The Taco  Bell faithful love to tweet about the fast food giant and those tweets can be very funny sometimes.  It’s amazing to see how passionate people are about Taco Bell.
  • People can share their new food blogs on Twitter and @thehungrydudes, always shares great food blogs about restaurants in the Detroit area.
  • Restaurants use it to share specials. A great time to check out Twitter if you are a foodie is around 3 or 4 p.m.. There are many tweets about Happy Hour specials. Foodies like myself would love to hear about half off sliders somewhere. It’s good for business.
Detroit’s El Guapo Grill uses Twitter to let their customers know where they will be and when (Source: Mobile Cuisine)

Bon AppeTWEET!

Scott Mullin
Chief Financial Officer

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