Creating Content For Blog Readers

Mitch Albom is a good example of a writer that excels at telling a narrative.

Mitch Albom is a good example of a writer that excels at telling a narrative.

I have been thinking about ways to enhance blogs for readers as of late and the content from Chapter 20 in the book “Share This,” really put some great idea’s in my head.

Blog writing, according to the book, isn’t even in the top twenty list of skill sets for PR pros.

But does that mean you should give up on blog writing at all? Heavens no!

The secret is to use some of the skill sets needed to enhance your blog and to give the reader an enjoyable and informative reading experience.

In past PR classes, when dealing with press releases we learn that they should be brief, straight to the point, and have all of the information right there.

Thanks to blogging, you can take something like a press release but turn it into a story.

For example, if you are working for a non-profit organization and they want you to give information to the press and public about a charity run they are doing, you are able to humanize the news.

With a properly done blog, you can include the who, what, when, where, why and how, but also add a lot more. You can show videos about your non-profit showing where the money is going to, perhaps a children’s hospital and the children who the money will be raised for.

You could show a gallery from last year’s charity run to show the public all of the people having fun and more importantly, making a difference in the community while doing it.

Adding links to the blog for social media can be helpful too.

With the Facebook link, you can have your viewers go there, join the group, and perhaps get more people to participate in the fun run.

With a Twitter link, your publics can be reminded of when the run is and gain valuable information about changes or special afterglows that people can attend after the event is over.

As you write the blog, besides stating the facts, you should try to write it like a narrative. That’s the beauty about a blog, you don’t have to stay in the boundaries that newspaper writers do.

You get to be creative and create a story that puts visions in the reader’s heads and these visions they see as they are reading are very influential.

If I see a press release about a fun run, I will glance over it and quickly forget it, however if there was a narrative about the visions, emotions, sights and sounds about the run and the feeling of achievement for making it through the end, I’d be able to picture myself in that situation. I would want to give it a try and to live those experiences for myself.

Finally, what you do with your blog is up to you, but you would be a bad blogger if you didn’t read comments and leave feedback. It is vital that you recognize the people who have questions or concerns.

Also, through reading these comments, you can create new blogs from them which answers trending questions and that in turn can gain more people into not only reading your blog, but joining in on your non-profit organization’s event.

Happy Blogging Everyone, Stay creative and stay active!

Scott Mullin

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