Join us for a healthcare PR seminar!

Are you interested in healthcare PR?

If so, join us on Tuesday, April 9 for our final meeting of the semester.

Lauren Smoker, a senior marketing specialist at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, will be speaking to EMU PRSSA students! We start at 5:30 p.m. sharp in SC 302!

See you there!

– – – – – – –

Lauren handles television and radio production, internal video production, media buying, event planning and service line marketing for oncology, ambulatory facilities and more.

Prior to moving into a marketing role, Lauren handled health care media relations for 10 years, first at Mercy Hospital Cadillac then at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System.

Lauren handled external communications for the hospital and health system including proactive, reactive, crisis and disaster communications. She was involved in a number of system-Smoker,Laurenwide media announcements  including merger announcements  new hospital facilities, introducing new technology, new hospital programs and initiatives, and more.

Additionally, Lauren wrote the scripts for all Saint Joseph Mercy Health System commercials on Channel 7, and was on the production team for the health system’s 30-minute medical reality television shows, a role she continues today.

Lauren earned a Bachelor of Arts in communication with a specialization in public relations from Michigan State University. She resides in Saline with her husband, stepdaughter and English bulldog, Rocco.


2 responses to “Join us for a healthcare PR seminar!

  1. I attended this meeting last night for one of my classes and I came away very impressed. It was really interesting to see how PR is used in the healthcare field and I thought it was great that she talked about some of the “missteps” (for lack of a better word) that have occurred, especially in her early days, and how they didn’t end up affecting her in the long run. It just shows that you have to be on your toes at all times in the field and be prepared for just about anything.

  2. I thought that Lauren Smoker gave an excellent presentation! I definitely walked away with a new perspective on both healthcare and PR. Her willingness to open up an share some of her worst moments professionally and talk about the fungal-meningitis outbreak at St. Joe’s and how she handled it just goes to show the confidence that every PR person needs to find success. My personal takeaway however, was that one can never diversify their talents enough. After hearing from her about how much her freelance experience and internships in both PR and Journalism helped her, I’m convinced that having a PR degree isn’t enough, you have to have something else to bring to the table.

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