EMU PR alum gives students entrepreneurial tips

Tatiana Grant

Tatiana Grant

Former EMU public relations student Tatiana Grant visited her old stomping grounds to talk to EMU PRSSA about entertainment PR and her road to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Grant talked about her path that led her to found Infused PR and what students need to do to be successful in the world of public relations and business.

The first thing that Grant emphasized was that students need to do as many internships as they possibly can.

It’s important to do internships and learn the ropes of working in the professional world.  

She did several internships, including working for the Super Bowl when it was in Detroit and working for Court TV in New York.

While in New York, Grant was forced to pick up the slack when her vice president was on the mend from surgery.  This presented an opportunity for her to do some of the jobs that she likely wouldn’t have had an opportunity at doing.  Lesson:  Pounce on opportunities that will show what you’re made of.  

These experiences led her to get great job when she graduated from EMU.

Grant was hired by Taubman, a company that owns many of the malls around metro Detroit. Her salary was almost $10,000 more than the average entry-level salary in the field!  But although the pay was right, Grant wanted a faster-paced, more interesting style of job.

infused PRThat’s when she got hired by Palace Sports and Entertainment, where she helped maintain the Detroit Pistons and Detroit Shock brands.  This was her dream job.

But a stint in which she had no social life and worked nearly every day, Grant decided it was time to move on and work on some entrepreneurial ventures.  She took on jobs working as a publicist for athletes and other event related PR jobs.

When the money kept rolling in, she decided it was time to create a company for tax purposes, and Infused PR was born!

Grant believes the most important thing for students’ success is getting internships.

“Internships are what you make of them,” said Grant.  In other words, don’t just get coffee. Step up and try to play an important role in the organization.

She also believes strongly in building and maintaining relationships throughout her career. Since she treats people well and keeps in touch with so many people from her past, she says that these people help her business even today.

Her last piece of advice for students:  If you’re planning on starting your own business, learn as much of the financial stuff as you possibly can!

She says that your don’t learn this side of business during the PR program, so it’s important to learn as much of it on your own.

Grant’s company Infused PR has grown over 400 percent since it’s inception.  For more information on Infused PR, please visit InfusedPR.com.

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