Let it snow, PRSSA!

It’s February, which means snow days could happen.

Sure, it is rare for a snow day in college, but it has happened before.

So, when classes are cancelled and the roads are too slippery to go anywhere, don’t just lay around all day and sleep or watch Netflix – do something to help yourself.

Or someone else!

(pic courtesy of Gina Luttrell)

(pic courtesy of Gina Luttrell)

You could…

Research volunteer opportunities: It’s always nice to give back – it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. And, yes, it looks nice on your resume, too.

Update your resume: Have an internship? New job? Add it to your resume. Try recreating your resume, too. It’s always nice to have a more modern resume. Add a little pop of color or add your social media accounts.

Help your neighbors: Do you have elderly neighbors? Shovel their sidewalk; clear a path for them so they don’t have to do it themselves. Put salt down so they don’t slip and fall. Be helpful, give back…put positive energy into the universe.

Look for summer internships: Nothing makes learning better than an internship! It is only February, but you should still be thinking about those summer internships and starting to apply. The sooner you figure something out, the less you have to stress about it.

PRSSA: So, you’re a PRSSA member. Have you considered running for an e-board position? If so, this would be a great time to research the different positions and figure out where you’d like to fit in.

Create an online portfolio: You’ve written…a LOT. You’ve done social media…a LOT. You have a killer resume and great references. But, they are scattered everywhere. An online portfolio is a great way to put all of these items together to showcase your accomplishments.

Emily Vontom
Vice President

2 responses to “Let it snow, PRSSA!

  1. It’s nice to have suggestions to motivate oneself to do something productive on days off or slow days. In the long run, it always feels better to accomplish something than to watch an entire season of your favorite television show. Last year, the dormitory I housed in offered a workshop helping students create or edit a resume. It was extremely helpful and instructions on how to structure a resume would maybe be beneficial to post online. Thanks for the article!

  2. Great suggestions! I tend to be a procrastinator like many other college students but I always feel guilty if I’m not doing anything not productive and these are definitely some good solutions.

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