Upping your personal marketing

Jason Mollica

Jason Mollica

“Have you? Given me your very best? Because I know there’s a lot more in you, a whole other level, that for some reason you just don’t want to go to!” -Herb Brooks to Jim Craig (Miracle, 2004)

When I originally embarked on writing a blog in 2009, I thought of it as just an extension of who I was, professionally and personally.

I also looked at the blog as a way of being creative.

It’s become more than that to me, as well as those of you that read this.

My blog is now part of personal marketing, or as some commonly call it, personal branding.

To play on that quote from “Miracle,” I’ve had to take my brand to another level.

I knew I had something inside that would allow me to be a better public relations practitioner.

But what are you doing to freshen up or better market your personal brand? Here are some ways you can accomplish this.

Continuing Education I’m a strong proponent of taking in as much knowledge as you can. It doesn’t always have to mean going back to school, though. Get a book on web analytics. Take a webinar from Cision or even the many free ones that around available. I’ve found attending conferences to be a very valuable asset in freshening up your brand. It allows you to network and gain more knowledge… two keys in keeping your brand strong.

Be Adaptable There’s something to be said for those that stay in the same career for 25 plus years. Over time though, if you don’t adapt to the times you become obsolete. That person’s brand has become stale and behind the times. In this day and age, you MUST be adaptable. My background was originally in television and radio. When I moved into public relations, I thought I needed to forget about my old career. It was a mistake. I learned to use my past experiences to enhance my personal brand. Aside from my PR job, I am the public address announcer for Canisius College’s men’s basketball team. Prove to an employer or a potential client that you can offer them something other than the title on your business card.

Challenge Your Brand
 You probably have met or know someone that just coasts. They work in a job that is comfortable, but really don’t care too much about it. Do better and always challenge yourself. Do you have a few close colleagues on Twitter? Ask them for their honest thoughts on your ideas. This will challenge you to be at your best.

By applying these examples, your personal brand will stay fresh and, in turn, help you go with confidence.

Jason Mollica
Guest Blogger
Jason Mollica is the president of JRM Comm, a public relations and social media marketing consultancy. He frequently speaks to PRSSA chapters, school and Fortune 500 companies around the country. Jason blogs at OneGuysJourney.WordPress.com, and can be found on Twitter, @JasMollica or at Facebook.com/JRMComms.”

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