SDC Spotlight: Speaker Chad Wiebesick Shares Tips for Using LinkedIn

Chad Wiebesick, director of social media for Pure Michigan.

Chad Wiebesick, director of social media for Pure Michigan.

This year at the Student Development Conference we were visited by a variety of knowledgeable public relations practitioners that gave us some advice about landing the perfect jobs. One of the speakers, Chad Wiebesick, is the head of social media for the state of Michigan’s Pure Michigan campaign and he shared with us many ideas for standing out to employers through the use of social media. Specifically, he shared his top seven tips for using the professional networking website, LinkedIn.

Tip # 1: Add a Photo

· According to Wiebesick, every LinkedIn Profile should have profile picture because it makes your page seven times more likely to show up in an Internet search.

· He also told us to make sure that the picture was professional and that it is only of you- not a group shot with friends or your pooch.

Tip # 2: Update Your Status

· Regular status updates shows that you are engaged in the website and this will help you to get noticed.

Note: Chad recommends a status update at least once per day.

Tip # 3: Past, Present, and Future

· Make sure to fill out your profile completely so that if an employer wants to know anything about your past, present or future, they won’t have to struggle to find it.

· Chad also recommends to include links to your other social media sites (professional ones), again, to make it easier for people to find more about you.

Note: DO NOT use LinkedIn’s Default Settings. Try to customize your profile to fit your personality.

Tip # 4: Get Them Talking

· As Chad puts it, “Allow others to testify to what you’re doing.” What I took from this is that he suggests creating conversation with people you already know, can help you get discovered by people you don’t. Find ways to get other people to hear about what you’re doing.

· He also suggests to customize your URL address and not to leave it the default. Usually default addresses are long and difficult to remember so change yours to something easy to access.

Tip # 5: Use Apps

· Share reading lists, events calendar, even slideshow presentations- the more engaging your profile is, reflects how engaging you are as well.

· Always display new blog posts (if you have a blog) via WordPress add-ons. If you don’t have a blog…MAKE ONE! Write about anything that interests you! Just leave it void of slang and make sure it’s good writing.

Tip # 6: Maximize Your Efforts

· Try to maximize your efforts by making things easier on yourself. There are obviously many social media sites that help generate professional recognition, so make monitoring each of them easier.

· Chad recommends HootSuite or Nutshell Mail.

Tip # 7: Engage

· Here’s this word again- engage. This word is a running theme for Chad’s recommendations for social media use. Import existing connections, personalize request, maintain active on your social media accounts- engage with people any way you can.

Chad spoke about many important tips for social media usage as well including using newer social media sites such as Pinterest as online resumes/portfolios. Engaging the target audience is key and when job searching, engaging can show your potential employer that you can relate to anyone- especially their clients.

Cortney Peters

VP of Member Relations


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