Helping Good Causes Isn’t Limited to Non-Profit Organizations

A shirt sold on Sevenly's website (courtesy of

A shirt sold on Sevenly’s website (courtesy of

It appears that a new era of business involves giving back to the community. When a friend of mine started showing me these really cute, shirts and hoodies with these deep messages on them, I had to know– Where she was getting them?

Sevenly, a for-profit company helping charities help those in need, has taken a very nifty approach. The name “sevenly” comes from their rather unique marketing tactic; they work with major charitable foundations to create t-shirts, hoodies, and bags to raise awareness of a specific cause.

Items go on sale for 7 days, $7 of every item sold is donated to the weeks foundation, and they only market to seven cause categories:
1) anti-slavery
2) hunger relief
3) clean water
4) medical help
5) disaster relief
6) anti-poverty
7) miscellaneous aid.

To date the company has donated $1,201,724 total and helped 77 different causes since June 2011, when they launched. The clothes are always vibrant, colorful, fashionable, and quite affordable. The variety of apparel ranges from $22-$40.

On their website, the company responded about why only $7.  “$7 per sale is more than 25% of our total revenue (all products combined) which is extremely high for a for-profit company….Lastly, we would like to be clear, we do give $7 for every product sold. Not 6.99. Not $7 minus expenses. We give $7 cash, every time.”

The company uses various avenues to promote the cause of the week, like Facebook, Twitter (tweeting a whopping 40 tweets a day!), Pinterest is a major new tactic of the companies, as “pinners” can pin the shirt of the week, and there is a free catalog of previous weeks campaigns. Instagram serves as a major spotlight of the community that is touched by the movement, as photos of people helped, supporters, and even the team at Sevenly post pictures of the shirts. The brand also requests that organizations promote their week’s campaign apparel on their social media accounts.

What is so great about Sevenly (and even a similar cause “Toms”) is that they make it easy for people to get involved, and make a difference. Particularly Sevenly shines light on specific organizations. By following them on Twitter, you’re kept informed about new organizations and ways to help weekly.

The company slogan, “people matter” is a simple but huge message that no life is worth more than the next. It’s quite inspiring, and I’m personally in awe of these groups of individuals who choose to make a difference in the world with their lives and hard dedicated work.

Mimi Bass

VP of Public Relations


6 responses to “Helping Good Causes Isn’t Limited to Non-Profit Organizations

  1. Thanks for the awesome article, Mimi!

  2. This is great! It’s always nice to see companies giving back! I think the way they’re marketing their $7 donation is really smart.

  3. I really like the idea behind this. I also like the fact that they have a goal of $7,000 they set for each week’s cause. It’s a good way to help out and get something in the process.

  4. I love this idea! It makes it exciting that its something different every week, always keeping people on their toes. It also sounds like they are really taking advantage of social media which is awesome!

  5. I think its great that Sevenly is doing this. I love the concept as well because it’s very creative and its exactly 7 dollars that they are giving without any hidden fees taken out. The apparel is creative and I think I would want to buy some of the clothes

  6. I think its amazing what the company Sevenly is doing. The concept of all 7’s is very creative and fun and I’m all for giving back to the community. The fact that the company gives exactly 7 dollars and not 6.99 or are taking other fees out is very noble to me.

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