Juli Peterson–What It Takes To Be A Social Media Professional

Juli Peterson (courtesy of LinkedIn)

As the social media profession grows, more and more opportunities are becoming available for people who know the ins and outs of social networking and how to apply it to business.  On Tuesday, Nov. 27, Identity PR social media strategist Juli Peterson spoke to  EMU PRSSA members about what it takes to make it as a social media pro.

For those interested in working in social media, the first thing you need to know is the basic functions of the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Peterson said that if you want to work with social media, it’s important to be active in as many of the major platforms as you can.  This means checking your profiles and interacting multiple times a day.  If this describes you, then you may have what it takes to be a social media pro!

Peterson described her job as working with multiple clients combining traditional media strategies with newer social media strategies.  She said the first step is a 90-day discovery program that includes an online audit, strategy planning sessions and brainstorming.  Peterson and the rest of her team then will execute the plan they create by using blog writing, online monitoring, social channel management (social media posting), blogger and media relations, idea building sessions, customer service response, recruiting, analytic reporting and finally education and counseling the client on how to use these SM strategies moving forward.

Still think this industry is right up your alley?  If so, Peterson says there are a few tools that are a MUST in the field:

  • Google Analytics–This tool is used to analyze everything about a clients website, from the amount of clicks to when the site is most visited.
  • Facebook Insights–This tool shows data about an organizational page.  Knowing how to take this info and how to apply it will improve your Facebook business strategy.
  • TweetDeck–This tool allows you to sort and keep track of several Twitter feeds all at once.  A mastery of this tool will make you a social media multitasking superstar.
  • WordPress–If you are a PR student here at Eastern Michigan University, you have a basic understanding of WordPress.  Writing and maintaining a personal blog is the first step to mastering this wonderful blogging tool.

If you have all these skills, Peterson says the next step is getting a job in this growing field. She gave these tips to aspiring social media masters:

  • Bring a portfolio of your work to interviews
  • Get involved in leadership positions around campus
  • Attend networking events and maintain the relationships
  • Get hands-on experiences (Internships!)
  • Volunteer
  • Join student orgs and attend conferences
  • Get in the newspaper
  • Have a completed LinkedIn account
  • Cater your resume for every job you apply for
  • Follow up on the jobs you apply for

Ready?  Now take your social media skills and change the world!

Sam Plymale



5 responses to “Juli Peterson–What It Takes To Be A Social Media Professional

  1. Great post, Sam! It was a pleasure meeting all of you and sharing some real-world experience with your chapter, especially those interested in the social media field. Let me know if anyone has questions! You can find my presentation on SlideShare here: http://www.slideshare.net/julinoe/social-media-in-action-15502320

  2. I really enjoyed Juli’s presentation on Social Media. As an inspiring PR professional I have always said that I wanted to go into Event coordination or media relations but after hearing how exciting Social Media can be and all the work that actually goes into being a SM professional I think I could also possibly do it. Juli displayed how much she loves her job and how she is always on her phone on Social Networks and I also am always on my phone checking, posting, and commenting on my SM. Back in high school two years ago I would have never thought I could get paid to be on Facebook. I find that so amazing and that is one of the main reasons I love PR!

  3. Juli’s presentation was very thought-invoking and showed me just how important social media is in the field of public relations. I always knew it was a major part of the occupation but finding out that you basically had to become professional in several social media mediums was eye-opening. The intricate aspects of the job were addressed thoroughly and it was overall a very informative presentation!

  4. I attended this meeting for class, but I was surprised at how interested I was in what she was talking about. There were so many aspects of social media that I hadn’t previously thought about prior to attending the meeting.

    I also agree with Charla that it is really interesting that one of the aspects of the job is to do what you normally do on a daily basis, such as checking your email, tweeting, or posting on Facebook. There’s still a lot of work involved, but the fact that they rely so heavily on social media is really cool to me.

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