Things Every PR Person Should Be Thankful For

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Thanksgiving is around the corner. Grocery stores are filled to the brim with last minute shoppers, recipes will be trending online, and Detroit Lions fans will be bracing themselves for yet another humiliating loss.

Instead of thinking about the things that cause me stress, I am giving thanks to the tools that help me out the most when doing PR projects and assignments.

1. Internet: Hands down, I am grateful for the Internet. Answers are right there at the click of a mouse and the entire world is at your hands. You can communicate easily thanks to email and of course there’s social media.

2. Social Media: Public relations to me, is where businesses and brands interact with clients and vice versa to ensure that everyone is happy. Thanks to social media, you can not only receive praise about your brand, but you can receive criticism. From there, you can explore more about the criticism to ensure that your customer is happy, as well as all of your company’s publics.

3. The AP Stylebook: Makes press release writing a lot less exhausting.

4. Google Calendar: You will never miss an appointment again. Just plug in the appointment online and receive it via phone notification. Genius. Convenient.

5. Small Pads of Paper: Some like Post It Notes; I prefer using small pads of paper to jot my notes down. I use the ones charities send me in the mail when trying to get my donations. So I recycle as well. I like the variety of shape and sizes, each one serves a different purpose.

6. Cell Phone: You can actually use these to call people and say “Hi.”

7. Music: Nothing is more relaxing to me than music in the background while rushing to the finish line of a project’s deadline. It’s calming, soothing, and by golly, nothing says job well done, like celebrating a job well done by blasting a little Spandau Ballet, “I Know This Much is True.” It is quite calming.

8. Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy Shots: I know most people would say Starbucks, but I’m “new school,” I am the liberation. The 5 Hour Energy shots is the espresso to the latte that is my Red Bull. Together, no task is impossible.

9. Day Planner: As much as I love Google Calendar, I love my day planner, that much better. Google Calendar is amazing for short term events, but I love the day planner, because I can just open it up, and see right then and there, what’s coming up for the next weeks or months. Sometimes it takes 30 seconds on my phone to get my events to load, with the day planner, it takes 3 seconds; all I have to do is open it up.

10. PRSSA: I am most thankful for PRSSA. I have made great friends. I have a lot of people I can talk to about this business. I have received opportunity. I have learned so much. Thank you PRSSA! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Scott Mullin


5 responses to “Things Every PR Person Should Be Thankful For

  1. Love the blog Scotty! I would have to put my smartphone number one though. Besides the energy drinks, I can get a version of every single one of these on my iPhone. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. I agree and love all the tools listed here. The internet now-a-days is so handy and I never realized how much i use it until i became a college student and since social media sites have been on the rise. I love social media because it allows you to stay connected with family and friends and even celebrities. When i was on vacation and i had to turn in an online assignment my smart phone made it that much easier to get it done.

  3. I first saw the link to this blog on Twitter and, after reading it over, immediately retweeted my favorite thing, which was number 8. Before becoming more involved in EMU PRSSA, I wasn’t aware of the passion required to be successful in the field; it truly is a 24 hour per day job. I like that this blog is informative and allows potential PR students and future practitioners to understand what to expect from the job BEFORE committing to the field as a career.

  4. I love that you made a list of all the things PR professionals and even majors are thankful for. I agree with everything on this list, especially social media! I’ve always been addicted to twitter and Facebook, but since I’ve become a PR major, I’ve obtained many more social media sites like Linkedin and WordPress.

  5. The list of things you are thankful for is awesome. More people need to be thankful for the simple and little things, like that you noted for example the planner. People don’t realize how handy those things can be lol

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