Terry Bean, professional connector, to speak at EMU PRSSA November 13

These days, having connections and being able to network with people go far when it comes time to get a job out of college. Infact, most jobs are filled through connections. It pays to network.

But, we do have to wonder, how does one network?

To help students remedy this problem, EMU PRSSA is hosting Terry Bean. Bean is a chief networking officer, attraction hero, author of the Universal Guide to Business Networking, founder of Networked Inc. and Motor City Connect and co-founder of uNetworked. Phew!

Bean will speak to students on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012 in SC 304 at 6 p.m. He’ll talk about networking to find the first step on your career path, including:

  • Why networking works
  • What you need to know before networking
  • What to do at a networking event
  • How to network effectively online
  • What to do after networking

More information about Terry:

Terry’s passion is helping others achieve success for all who matter to them. He is known as many things: a professional speaker, a social media pro, a relationship marketing expert but most importantly he understands the value of true connectedness.

Terry Bean

Terry is the founder and driving force behind the fastest growing networking group in both Detroit and Michigan, http://www.MotorCityConnect.com.  Networked Inc. began in 2002 and has provided new business opportunities, guidance and inspiration to 1000′s since our inception. In May 2012 Terry and his technology partner launched http://unetworked.com  which will become the most disruptive marketing firm there is.

Terry works with numerous community leaders and non-profits to make the Detroit area a better place. In 2009 he received the “Presidential Volunteer Service Award” from President Obama. In 2010 he was honored as a Leader and Innovator through Lawrence Tech University. In March of 2012 he received the Detroit2020 person of the week award from Channel 7 for a campaign known as 313Dlove which is destined to change the energy in Detroit for good and forever.

Terry holds a B.S. in Psychology and a M.A. in Business Communications from Eastern Michigan University.  Terry loves The Simpson’s, introspection, sharing and his 9 year old daughter, Drea.




2 responses to “Terry Bean, professional connector, to speak at EMU PRSSA November 13

  1. Listening to Terry Bean speak about networking and being connected using social media was a great experience. He spoke about why networking works and the first thing he said was law of attraction. This is what you think about and is emtionally involved in and what Terry meant is ask and you shall recieve. The second reason why networking works is law of reciprocity and this is when givers gain, you give back and in return you get connections back. Lastly law of generosity is what you give then the universe gives back. Being in PR you have to have a thirst for knowledge and be ok with making mistakes but being able to correct them. I’ve had the previlage of recieving networking tips by a spokeman that knows all about being connected and after being connected you must follow up no more than 72 hours after meeting someone.

  2. Listening to Terry Bean speak was a great experience. He gave so many good tips on networking in PR and why networking is so important. Based on universal laws, law of attraction is the first one Bean talked about. Law of attraction is what you think about and what your emotionally involved in and in Terrys words that means ask and you shall recieve. Second is law of reciprocity which means when givers give in turn you gain connections. Lastly law of generosity, what I give to you the universe gives back. The best way to build relationships is networking. Working in PR you have to have a thirst for knowledge and make mistakes but know how to correct them. After meeting someone that can be useful for good connections it’s a must to follow up know later then 72 hours. I got so much from his speech and I’m glad I came to the meeting.

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