Non-Profit Organizations Offer PR Students a Place to Start Their Careers

Detroit Historical Society PR Director Bob Sadler.

A major sector of the public relations workforce revolves around work done for non-profit organizations.  During Tuesday’s non-profit event hosted by EMU PRSSA, this section of PR was explored with Bob Sadler, PR director for the Detroit Historical Society.

Sadler received his bachelors degree in Communications  from the University of Detroit, and his MBA from Wayne State.  He discovered that his love for writing and communicating could be harnessed in the world of public relations.  Facilitating information for journalists was where Sadler decided he would be best served while exploring his career choices.

His career path started in the non-profit sector with the Epilepsy Center.  From his experiences, Sadler believes that students looking to gain hands-on knowledge in the PR world would be best served getting an internship with a non-profit organization rather than an agency setting.

There are several different categories of non-profit organizations that need PR workers.  These include:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Education and Research
  • Environment and Animals
  • Health
  • Human Services
  • International Aid
  • Philanthropy
  • Religious

With over 1.8 million non-profit organizations nationwide, there are countless job opportunities for people entering the public relations field.

Sadler said that just because an organization is non-profit, doesn’t mean that their aren’t high paying jobs.  He believes this is a misconception about the field that wrongly keeps some people away.

Sadler’s best advice about the non-profit sector came when discussing the duties of the PR pro in his line of work.  He stated that non-profit PR practitioners are more generalists than specialists.  He also said that in his field, PR workers are mission-driven as opposed to bottom-line driven.  Relationship building is the most important part this line of work.

The Detroit Historical Society is currently looking for interns.  For those who think that this type of work would be right for them, contact Bob Sadler at

Sam Plymale



4 responses to “Non-Profit Organizations Offer PR Students a Place to Start Their Careers

  1. Sam:

    Just to clarify: My bachelors degree in Communications was from the University of Detroit, and my MBA was from Wayne State.

    Thank you.


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