2012 Fall Kick Off Review

What a great turnout for Fall Kickoff!

EMU PRSSA’s fall kick off took place on Tuesday, Sept 11, 2012 in EMU’s Student center and was a huge success. Dozens of EMU’s brightest students came out to participate in the affair.

The event opened with each executive board member describing her or his favorite aspect of being part of EMU’s 2011-2012 student organization of the year. Taylor Maguire, Vice President of Special Events, recounted the abundant networking opportunities PRSSA has afforded her. EMU PRSSA President Cherese Colston echoed her sentiments. “PRSSA was the gentle push I needed to step out of my comfort zone and really build my professional network,” said Colston. “Not only meeting professionals who have been where I want to go but meeting students who are just as serious about becoming a young professional in PR or whatever area they may be trying to break into.”

Vice President of Community Relations Christopher Cole and Editor in Chief Sam Plymale both detailed the invaluable experiences PRSSA has provided them and how these experiences have benefited them both professionally and personally.

Attendees were given an opportunity to pose questions to E Board members. Questions ranged from, “What has surprised you most about being a member of PRSSA,” to “What nonprofit work has PRSSA done in the past?”

After a short break for refreshments and some mingling, EMU PRSSA supporters and Eboard members got an opportunity to learn even more about one another. At the beginning of the meeting, each attendee put a random fact on a piece of paper about himself or herself in a bowl. Each person later pulled one written fact out of the bowl and had to try to uncover its author by probing the room with questions. As it turns out, there was a person who had written three novels, someone who had danced on stage with Britney Spears and someone who was a personal shopper for Kid Rock all in the same room!

The evening was enjoyable for all but particularly pleasant for a young lady named Michelle who won a free membership from our raffle. Congratulations and welcome to the family, Michelle!

If you missed our fall kick off, don’t worry! There’s a semester full of PRSSA goodness planned and we can’t wait to see everyone. Our next meeting will be held on Sept 25 in room 304 of the student center at 5:30 p.m. The topic will be ethics in PR.

Christopher Cole

VP of Community Relations


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