Resumes: What Do You Really Need to Include?

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Resume writing can be a rough and tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be – when you know what you need on it. But sometimes, that can be the hard part. Different people from different walks of life are all around to give us resume writing advice, but which advice should you follow and which should you ignore?

“I hate the objective. We all know you want a job,” Regina Luttrell, Eastern’s PRSSA advisor said. “Get rid of it. Instead, have a bulleted list of what your top skills are.”

There are so many other things that you can get rid of on a resume:

• Don’t include your high school education, it’s not necessary. If you’re in college, it is more than safe to assume you graduated from high school.
• With that said, you don’t need to include high school clubs, courses, sports, etc. If you’re reading this, you’re probably involved in college activities.
• Don’t let your resume go past one page – you’re in college. Unless you’re Lauren Berger who did 14 internships during her four years of college.
• Get rid of “references available upon request” at the bottom of your resume. If they’re interested in interviewing and/or hiring you, they’ll know you have references and they will ask for them.
• Don’t use a flashy font that is hard to read. Chances are it will be put in the “no” pile right away.

So, what should you include?:

• Relevant experience! “Too often you just find fluff on a resume,” says Luttrell. “If you’re a student and don’t have experience, then put relevant projects from class. It’s OK if you worked your way through college.”
• Social media is so important to have on a resume these days. Put it up in your header where it is easy to see.
• PRSSA! Sometimes, when it comes down to two almost identical perfect candidates, and only one was in PRSSA – that person will be hired.
• Put your most relevant experience up top so that potential employers will see it right away.
• Use a professional email address…not your silly AOL user name you had in middle school.

Resumes aren’t that tricky – just focus on your accomplishments and what you’ve done to better yourself in your field through your education, jobs and internships. You’ve got this!

-Emily Vontom

Vice President


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