Kelly Clarkson’s Use of Social Media

Since the Social Media train hit, companies, businesses, and celebrities have hopped right on for the ride. This type of communication has allowed fans to follow their favorite celebrity or company and show their support. But it does more than that. It is a fast, cheap, and easy way to establish a somewhat personal relationship with fans. Just recently pop star, Kelly Clarkson has dominated the use of social media. She just performed in Detroit on August 10 at DTE, and has been recognized for her magnificent use of social media throughout the web and on Good Morning America.

So what did she do? Well, Ms. Clarkson and/or her public relations practitioners have been interacting with her fans on Twitter. She’s activity taking requests on her tour to play a rendition of any song requested. This is a great example of “giving the people what they want.” On Good Morning America, it was mentioned that her performance in Detroit was fun and interactive. Clarkson preformed “Lose yourself” by Detroit’s own Eminem. Besides communicating with her fans and switching up the norm, she is promoting her image.

To state the obvious, personality, looks and talent sell in Hollywood, and Clarkson has shown that she is a dynamic artist and wants to please her fans. I think this a great start for anyone involved in social media. It does not just have to be a celebrity. However, I bet other celebrities will broaden their use of social media as well. If others want to jump on this train, I suggest they do it fast. Companies can further expand their relationships with followers, and you better believe if people are seeing results, your hits will skyrocket. No need for a train, when you can jump on the social media rocket.

-Taylor Maguire

Vice President of Special Events & Coordination


3 responses to “Kelly Clarkson’s Use of Social Media

  1. She actually did really well too! I was impressed.

  2. First, I LOVE Kelly Clarkson. I think her and her team have found a clever way to get fans involved and also make the concerts more unique to the city. Another one of my favorite singers, Alicia Keys, launched her own instagram campaign, #AKNewDay, to promote her buzz single ‘New Day.’ She asked fans to send in pictures of what they considered a ‘new day’ so that she could use them in her new video. There were actually some really nice pictures. Check out the video here:

  3. I really think people can learn how to promote themselves from how celebrities do it. Although the average person isn’t marketing themselves towards “fans,” there are good concepts to learn from how celebrities use social media to promote their personal brand.


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