Just Kick It: A Guide to Making Goals

One of the biggest hurdles that many college students have is keeping the goals you make. Here are five great tips/tactics I have learned to keep me on the up and up. They are easy to implement and once you get started, they are fun and addicting.

Tip 1 – BE SMART

(courtesy of austincc.edu)

Be SMART.  Does that mean you have to be some kind of brainy person to set goals? Heck No! It’s an acronym and anyone can do it.

SIMPLE – Keep your goals simple, like work on your assignment or clean your house.

MEASURABLE – Make your goals measurable, like raise $100 in two weeks or lose five pounds.

ACHIEVABLE – Don’t make goals too hard. Losing 20 pounds in a week is not achievable.

RELEVANT – If you are in PR, make major goals relevant to it, your time is valuable.

TIMED – Give yourself a time-frame to work with, like get project done by Sept 30.


Before I go to bed each night, I make up a list of 21 daily goals to achieve for the next day. Some are complicated, like writing the perfect blog, yet others are simple like dropping off clothes at the dry cleaner or taking cans back. Either way, I do not go to bed until they are complete.

You may say 21 goals, that is so crazy. Well, I’m superstitious with the number 21 and I am an active person whose mind works 500 miles a minute, this works for me. If you are new to goal setting try 15 or 10 or even five if you are a rookie.

Keep the list on you at all times in your pocket. It will help keep you on track and prevent you from goofing off.


It is a proven fact that people to tell others about goals will be more likely to stick to them. If you tell someone you are going to lose weight and be healthier, people WILL take notice. They will ask how your progress is and they will also call you out on credibility if you get caught inhaling an entire Jet’s 8-Corner Pizza (which I adore BTW).

Another good thing about letting people know about your goals is that there may be others who share the same goal that’s looking for someone to help achieve it. When my friend told me about P90X, I got on board with him, because it was something I always wanted to do, so I always had that friend there to answer questions and discuss nutrition with.


When it comes setting goals, there will be occasions where something comes up like family issues or a buddy who wants to hit up a carnival on your day off. Also with goals, there may be times where you are set on something like quitting smoking and you end up having a stressful day and end up buying a pack of Reds. Never ever let that get to you. Try again the next day; put it on your newly devised to-do list.

Another thing with failure to remember is that there are some major goals you have all your life to achieve. If you shoot for something the first time and don’t get it, take time and study up. Put things on your goals list like going to the library and check out PR books or spending an hour searching the web looking for leads. If you fail, always study as much as you can to avoid making the same mistake. You have all your life.


The most important thing to know is when important dates are. Once you get days wrong, your entire system is in shambles. Google Calendar is one of the most popular things going today. It’s easy to use and it informs you on your phone that something is coming up. It’s so popular, that video game character Nikko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto uses an app like that in the game so he can drive to where the mission is.

All you do is go online and plug in appointments and such into the system and it will tell you when and where to be.

Myself, I like to keep it retro. You’ve seen my clothing, all my shirts are from the 1980’s, I rock the classic school planner book. I am a traditionalist, I only use the free planners that EMU hands out to students during move in. It’s free, there are coupons in there, and there’s a lot of room to jot stuff down. I write faster than I text, so this works for me.

One thing I do recommend though is keep checking ahead, whether it’s a week away or a month away. Dates really creep up on you when you least expect it, so always keep checking.

Well folks, I hope you learned a few things today and give it a try. I think you will. Although action planning is a tedious process, it is vital for each and every one of us in the PR field and those who don’t make plans of action will soon become extinct in the field. If you don’t make SMART goals for your client or keep good track of your dates, you are truly committing career suicide. Take care of your goals and they will take care of your career.

-Scotty Mullin

Chief Financial Officer


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