Learning How to Write Like a Journalist is Essential for PR Writing

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This summer semester I am taking my first journalism course,  JRNL 215: News Writing and Reporting.

I am finding the course to be very interesting and I am learning about the different types of writing that are required in journalism.

The first item I’ve learned is writing a calendar item for a press release. Dr. James Pinson gave us all the information we needed to re-write the press release into a sound journalistic article.

As the class continues, we will be writing obituaries, accident stories, crime stories, follow-ups and other types of stories. We also discussed the difference between writing for print and writing for broadcast news, the difference between public relations and news, and hard news versus soft news.

Another very important area of journalism we are learning about is copy-editing and AP Style, also known as Associated Press. We also discussed the purpose of news, which is to inform, persuade and entertain.

As a communication major, it is not required for me to take this course. But, I’m glad that I did. I know I will come out of this class a better writer.

For students who are public relations majors at Eastern Michigan University, you have to take this class before you can take Introduction to Public Relations.

Learning how to write like a journalist is important for aspiring PR practitioners.

The class is taught by former journalist Dr. Pinson, who has been giving us a lot of great tips about the journalism industry.

Although this class has only been in session for a few weeks, I am learning so much already and believe this class would be helpful for students in any major to take, as the writing tips we learn in this class are extremely helpful.

Although I’m still working my way through Journalism 215, I can tell that this class will be a building block for writing in the PR world.

Meagan Dillard
Vice President of Communications

4 responses to “Learning How to Write Like a Journalist is Essential for PR Writing

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    Meagan Dillard, our member of the EMU PRSSA board, blogs about her upcoming Journalism Class – New Writing and Reporting with Eastern Michigan’s very own Dr. James Pinson.

  2. To be effective in PR you have to think like a journalist. How would a journalist approach the story, what questions would they ask, what angle would they approach the story from… the list of questions goes on. Classes like Dr. Pinson’s are critical for aspiring PR professionals.

  3. JRNL 215 is a great class to get into journalistic writing. However, JRNL 312 & JRNL 314 really help students who want to get into PR the right skills necessary for writing in PR!

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    Here’s a blog post I wrote for my EMU PRSSA chapter.

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