What I Learned at Our Agency Tour of Airfoil Public Relations

On Friday March 23, 2012 EMU PRSSA students and University of Michigan-Dearborn PRSSA students visited Airfoil Public Relations Agency in Southfield, MI. Airfoil is a tech firm with clients mainly in the automotive and engineering fields. During our tour of the agency, there were four different workshops for everyone to attend. The workshops included; jobs, resumes and internships, media relations and event planning, networking, and social media.

Each of the workshops was lead by employees who had experience in that certain area. During the jobs, resumes and internships workshop, we were told to put the most relevant information on the resume, keep your resume to one page, leave off the objective and also include a short cover letter. If you are a member of LinkedIn, join groups and discussions. Advice to interns, “be flexible, willing to do whatever it takes and be organized.”

During the media relations and event planning workshop, they told us to be creative, know AP style and know who you are pitching to and also do research on who you are pitching to, build relationships with the media and bloggers, “ You are the liaison between the company and media.” Some other good tips are to have unique headlines, know coding and HTML, read as much as you can, talk to alumni and grab all the opportunities that you can! Let employers know what skills and qualities you can bring to the job you are applying for, make sure you stay up to date on social media and a good place to find tips and information is mashable.com. During this workshop, it was also said that PR means pretty resourceful and an asset.

During the networking workshop, we learned that networking does not stop, always look for events to attend, look for ways to build your personal brand and follow different agencies on Twitter. The last workshop we attended revolved around social media. During the social media workshop, we were told to use Twitter and follow and interact with brands, companies and professionals.  Another thing mentioned during the workshop was to be yourself while on the different social media sites. If your University has a social media class, try and take it. “You should be strategic about what you are doing and you are your own brand.” I am glad that I attended Airfoil Public Relations tour. I learned a lot and was able to meet a lot of great people in the public relations and communications industries.

-Meagan Dillard
VP of Communications


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