Ford Continues Its Cutting Edge Use of Social Media


(courtesy of Ford)

Ford Motor Company is continuing to build it’s reputation of being one of the best auto companies in the world at utilizing social media.  On Tuesday, Ford released it’s “Random Acts of Fusion” campaign on Facebook.

This Fusion campaign is expected to fall in line with previous successful social marketing campaigns created for it’s Fiesta and Focus models.  Here is a video that was posted on Ford’s various social media outlets that describes a bit about the campaign.

Although exact details about the program haven’t been fully released, part of the plan is to use social media to launch the 2013 Fusion instead of a direct advertising campaign.  Ford hopes to create a buzz about the product via social media before the official product launches in dealerships.  The automaker plans to go around the country, personally introducing the new Fusion in different and creative ways. These experiences will be part of their overall PR and advertising campaign, and we will likely see more videos and pictures of the experiences on Ford’s social media and commercials.

So what do you think?  Is this an effective use of the automakers social media presence?  I personally think it’s an ingenious way to blend the worlds of public relations and advertising.  Some people believe social media shouldn’t be used to directly market new products.  I personally agree in instances when the experience isn’t interactive.  But this new campaign seems as though it will be taking people’s unique interactions with the new vehicle and using social media to share that experience.

We will see just how successful this campaign in the coming weeks.  One thing is for sure, Ford continues to find new ways to use social media to get people talking about its products.

-Sam Plymale



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