Using PR Concepts In Fantasy Sports

(courtesy of Yahoo!)

As the first ever Triple Crown Winner of the NEW JERSEY Leagues of Yahoo Fantasy Sports, I have seen my share of what’s right and wrong with Fantasy Sports. Using what I learned in PR, I will discuss the good, the bad, and the creative when it comes to running a “dynasty”.

The Good

Win or lose, always congratulate your fellow players after a Championship is won. If you lose, you’ll show grace in losing by doing so. If you win, your actions will show class.

It’s okay to compliment people for snagging up free agents you had an eye on. It will also show your opponents that you have an eye out for them and that should hopefully strike fear in them.

Scott Mullin

The best part about fantasy sports is the conversations. Post often and post relevant stories and comments about weekly matchups and current MLB news. You never know, one conversation about how much respect you have for Yu Darvish may lead into you going a game with a fellow league member who also is a Yu Darvish fan.

Tweeting about your team is always good. You could have hashtag conversations with people from different leagues and get the scoop on who will be the hottest rookie next month.

When talking on the phone, always be polite. I would rather trade Derek Jeter to a nice guy than a jerk.

The Bad

The worst thing anyone can do is badmouth another GM on the league page. It’s low class, it makes the league uncomfortable, it can divide a league and can ruin friendships.

When dealing with trades, accept or decline ASAP. You never want to keep a trade on the back-burner for more than three days because it can become really stressful for fellow GMs looking to make a move. Also, when rejecting a trade, never write an insult back like insults with swearwords or accusations of being “low-balled.”

If you enter a league, play it out, even if you don’t have time. All you have to do is set your line-up. It’s unfair and unethical to be in a league and not set your line-up, especially towards the end of the season when people are vying for a playoff spot.

Only post stuff in your league about that league specifically or that sport specifically. I don’t want to hear about Nicklas Lidstrom in my hoops league, I want to hear about Serge Ibaka, Kobe, LePippen, Z-Bo, and Greg Monroe, not hockey players. Also, I don’t need to hear about your families financial woes. Not in a happy league page. Speaking of money, PAY YOUR DUES!

The Creative

Design your own team logo using Indesign. It is a fun way to create your own art and make your own brand. Not computer savvy like me, just use markers and scan it. Have fun turning your team into its own brand. I even created jerseys NBA jerseys one year for one of my teams. They were black with light blue numbers and words with purple stripes.

Host “press conferences.” This is code for, invite your friends over for a game. It’s a press conference in a sense that you will be asking and answering questions about your team, because while you watch the game with your pals, those questions will surely come up.

Create a hashtag for your league and team on Twitter. For example, if you were in a Chase Bank Fantasy League, you can create the hashtag, #YpsiChaseFB for Ypsi Chase Fantasy Baseball or #RFAs which is my team, Rollie Fingers A’s.

Have each team owner each create their own team sponsored event during the season. You could get one GM to host a trip to Comerica Park, one have a Baseball themed BBQ, and another one can have a Whiffle ball game in the streets. As a PR person, you can create fliers for these.

Finally, just have fun. Always think. Jot down ideas. Check out real MLB baseball team’s promotional ideas and see what you can create for your league. Also, save your work in a portfolio. When making a portfolio, every bit counts, have fun and make it work for you.

-Scotty Mullin



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