Console Gaming to Adopt Social Media

Nintendo is a video game company that’s often been on the cutting edge of video game technology.  As the world of social media and gaming have collided with the adaption of the smart phone and tablet-style computers over the past few years, console gaming has taken a big hit in sales and popularity. Now, the creators of Mario and Luigi plan hope to boost sales by adopting a brand new social media network that will be intertwined with games on their new Wii U gaming console.

Nintendo calls the new gaming social network Miiverse.  The social networking features will allow players to interact on their consoles, hand-held gaming devices, PCs and eventually even on smart phones.  People will be able to use Miiverse to brag about high scores, give and receive notes or hints about a game, or post screen shots of strange or unique interactions with games.

Below is Nintendo’s official release and description of the new network from this week’s E3 event.

I’m not sure how far developers will go to implement Miiverse in new and inventive ways.  After watching the presentation videos, I’m not that impressed with the network as a whole.  It doesn’t seem like many of the features will really change the way video games are played.  Hopefully Nintendo will figure out more ways to make Miiverse a truly unique and engaging experience.

Although it seems like this new social networking tool won’t revolutionize the world of social media, it does prove how every industry is realizing the power of networking and how social interactions may be implemented into many things that we as a society have done for years.

Can you think of anything that you do that is work related, entertainment, or anything else that has yet to adopt social media?  Trends are showing that most things in life will soon be adopting principles of social networking in some form or another.

Personally, I would love for my vehicle to utilize some of the new social tools that are becoming available during the social media revolution.  What part of your life could use a “social” makeover?

Sam Plymale




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