Summer PR Fun

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Summer is quickly approaching and if you’re one of the lucky ones not taking summer classes, you get to spend your days on the beach and your nights dancing your cares away.

However, four months away from the books and real life isn’t always what it seems.

When it comes to being a serious job-seeker and professional, you don’t get four months off at a time.

Sure, you might be working at an internship or a have a summer job, but it isn’t the real world!

Here are some ideas to keep your head in the game and out of the clouds this summer…

Clean up your social media accounts!

Twitter: Guess what, you’re in college now. Which means everything you say and do is being heard. It’s the Internet guys, it is going to be there for a long time. Stop swearing, stop complaining about your job or friends and stop posting pictures of the party you passed out at! It’s time to get serious about internship and job hunting! If you aren’t on Twitter yet, now is the time to get started. It is a great way to connect with professionals and students in the same field as you.

Facebook: Really now, it is time to get rid of those pictures of drunken nights your freshman year of college. Remove tags from friend’s pictures, make your albums private if you don’t want employers to see them and clean up your language and attitude as well. Employers do look at your Facebook, it isn’t just a rumor!

Update your resume!

Summer is the perfect time to sit outside on a lawn chair under an umbrella with your laptop, a glass of lemonade and update your resume. Make your resume look fresh, clean and easy to read. You don’t need summer jobs that aren’t related to PR on there – take ‘em off. Add in any volunteering experiences, skills you’ve gained over the school year and positions you’ve held.

While you’re at it, make an online portfolio that showcases your resume and the experience you have; writing, graphic design, etc. Check out my portfolio to get an idea of what it should look like! WordPress is a great blog hosting site to use.


Help plant some trees, read to the elderly or play with kids in your local children’s hospital. Summer is a great time to help others. Plus, it is a great way to add a boost to your resume – and it will boost your mood when you realize how great you feel after lending a helping hand.

Start a Blog!

Blogs are super fun. Just make sure you don’t post all about the raging parties you participated in. Find a niche that you love and make it yours. Avid reader? Review books. Love music? Talk about those new tunes on the radio and the superstars that sing them. Have fun and be yourself (but still professional). Blogging is a great resume booster! WordPress and Blogger are both awesome sites to use for a blog.

Become “LinkedIn!”

Are you on LinkedIn yet? No? Why not? LinkedIn is a great way to connect and network with professionals in the field. Make sure you use a professional head shot and that your profile is at 100% completion – it’s the best way to be found for internships and jobs!

Happy Summer everyone!

Emily Vontom
Vice President

2 responses to “Summer PR Fun

  1. Great post, Emily! I’ve definitely been using this week to do some spring cleaning – both around the house AND online!

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