Member Spotlight: What I Learned from the PRSSA Speed Mentoring Event

On Tuesday, February 21, 2012, I attended the PRSSA speed mentoring

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event that was held on Eastern Michigan University’s campus. When I walked into the event room, people were already sitting against the wall, lined up and ready to begin speed mentoring. Overall, there were nine mentors and each participant got three minutes with each one.

I received some really great advice that night. The main question that I asked the mentors was if they had any interview tips to share.

They told me to ask good questions, be myself, have confidence and to always research the company. Another good piece of advice that I received was to go into a career that I love. The mentors told me to find out what my interests are and go from there.

They also said that volunteering in different areas can help me determine what type of work I should go into.

A lot of the mentors said that no matter what type of job you have, you should be able to write and communicate well.

A few very good skills to have would be writing, organization, communication and people skills. Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh, who was a mentor at the event, said that “If you master people skills, you’ve got it made.”

He also suggested that communication students read the book How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Overall, I am very glad that I attended this speed mentoring event. I was able to network with communication professionals and I gained a lot of valuable advice.

Meagan Dillard
Member/Guest Blogger

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