Facebook Inspires Social Media’s Next “Trend”

Since the beginning of the social-network wave, many sites have come and gone. There’s been MySpace, Friendster, Yahoo 360, CrushSpot and of course, Facebook and Twitter.

Some have obviously been more successful than others.

It seems to me, that since Facebook positioned itself as the frontrunner of social media, its successors have taken a page from its playbook.

Twitter for instance, borrows one of Facebook’s key components of status updating.

Users simply send, reply and rebroadcast status updates, called “tweets.” In the same way, I believe the next social media staple will utilize key features of Facebook.

Enter Pinterest-the website that allows users to bookmark and share pictures and links. Users can also comment on or “like” others’ content and follow them.

The content is “pinned” to an online bulletin board called a “pinboard.” Users may organize their pinboards by category, such as “My Dream Cars” or “My Must-Have Cosmetic Products.”

While the concept is simple, the site is really taking off! According to figures from compete.com, the estimated number of unique visitors to Pinterest increased 429 percent from 1.68 million in Sept. 2011 to 7.21 million in Dec. 2011. So what’s all the hype about?

Photo Courtesy of pinterest.com

Emily Vontom, EMU PRSSA’s Vice President of Special Events and Programs, said, “I joined Pinterest within a few weeks of the beta being released and was one of the first to have an account.

I instantly fell in love. Besides being a great way to save pictures of pretty things without taking up space on my hard drive, it inspires my creativity, helps me generate new and fresh ideas and lets me connect with people who share in my interests – whether it is celebrities, weddings, interior design or fashion.”

It seems that Pinterest, like Twitter, has adopted one of Facebook’s key features and isolated it.

This time, they’ve reintroduced Facebook’s photo-sharing capabilities. Instead of albums, there are the pinboards where content is organized, shared, commented on and “liked.”

I don’t say this to take away anything from Pinterest; the site has a strong concept and is clearly doing well in the arena of social media (which can be unforgiving as seen with MySpace and the recent Google Plus).

Besides, who better to model an online social network after than Facebook, which still remains the social media kingpin? I have high hopes for the web’s newest addition and suspect it will be the next big “trend.” Let us know what you think!

Christopher Cole
Vice President of Public Relations

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