EMU PRSSA E-board Elections

While 2012 political candidates hit the road for their respective press tours, the EMUPRSSA e-board is getting ready to embark on another year of progression. 

So, which executive board position is for you?

·  President: Responsible for the overall flow of communication and productivity of the organization. While not specifically assigned to any special events, the president assists with any and all special projects. The scheduling of general and executive board meetings as well as room reservations is also the president’s responsibility. If you keep your team focused and organized, the train should run smoothly.

·  Vice President: Coordinator of professional development efforts. Assists with any and all special projects and also oversees the semester calendar.

·  Vice President of Communications: Manages the PRSSA email account. Responsible for meeting minutes and weekly emails to members.

·  Chief Financial Officer: The C.F.O. handles all of the deposits and transactions of the group’s bank account. Keeps updated financial account records for members and organization. Oversees all fundraising efforts for the semester.

·  Vice President of Public Relations: The main goal of the PR director is to increase awareness around campus. This can be accomplished by creating flyers, writing press releases and working with the member relations coordinator for social events. The PR director also manages and engages with members via Facebook and Twitter.

·  Vice President of Member Relations: The vice president of member relations is the liaison to the members. Even though everyone on the executive board should be engaging with members, it is the vice president of member relations’ responsibility to see what they want out of their membership. They also coordinate outreach to PR-related classes as well as social events.

·  Vice President of Special Events and Programs: The vice president of special events and programs is responsible for finding internships to share with members, work with companies to schedule agency tours, organize other small semester events and most of all, the Student Development Conference. If you’re all about event planning, this is the perfect place to start.

·  Editor-in-Chief of Publications: Regularly updates the new EMU PRSSA blog (emuprssa.com). They also manage the layout, design, placement and article deadlines. Editing is a big part of this position.

·  Community Relations Coordinator: A brand new position! The community relations coordinator will be the liaison between EMU’s PRSSA chapter and the surrounding communities. They will also organize outreach activities or events that allow the opportunities for PRSSA to be more involved with the community. Best of all, whoever fills this position is able to take part in the overall development of this new position.

There are so many opportunities for you to get involved while being a part of the executive board. Now is the time to think of the possibilities! If you feel one of these positions is for you, you can send your letter of intent to my email at ccolsto1@emich.edu. All letters of intent are due by March 23 and the elections will take place on March 27.

While it’s a big commitment, being an e-board member is a lot of fun. The people you meet and the experiences you have are well worth the time you’ll invest into it. Don’t just take my word for it; ask the current e-board! They’re willing to answer any questions you may have about their respective positions.

Cherese Colston

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