Finding Your Angle: How to Have Success in Determining What is Newsworthy

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One of the biggest struggles for those learning about public relations is trying to determine what information is newsworthy- or in other words, what’s worth a journalist’s time.

As a PR practitioner, we must be able to easily write a thorough story about practically anything. The challenge is catching onto the trends in journalism and translating that into valuable information for the media.

Knowing how to write information this way is imperative and part of knowing how will greatly depend on where you look.

Finding information is not difficult- news is all around us! We are exposed to news every day. The important thing to remember is that everything has “an angle”.

An angle is a way of looking at a piece of news while relating it to what you already know and to what your media list (your contact list of journalism allies) wants.

So, my advice is to start paying attention to the news. Look at as many news stories as you can and pay attention to not only the style of writing and the content, but also the angles.

For practice, select a topic of interest to you, be it politics, environment, or food perhaps and compare what you find in similar articles. After awhile, you will start to notice that every journalist has an angle which makes their particular story stand out.

Your job as a PR professional is to take what you notice in the news and relate it back to what your client wants and needs.

Use your resources and networks to help you. Then, find your angle- find that little something that makes your version of the topic better, more important, newsworthy news.

Cortney Peters
Vice President of Member Relations

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