JRNL 408: is it really that bad?

Photo Courtesy of braintrack.com

JRNL 408: Case Studies in Public Relations is the capstone class for the public relations major at Eastern Michigan University.

Most, if not all, PR students hear horror stories about this class and dread it every step of the way.

Fear not my PR-loving friends: this class is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

In fact, JRNL 408 was one of my favorite classes! I promise.

In JRNL 408, you’ll work with a local nonprofit or campus group on a PR campaign. You pick your organization and work with them throughout the semester.

You could organize an event, a new fundraising campaign, or you could be working towards bringing awareness to the community. It seems like a lot to do, and it is if you want an A at the end of the semester, but what you gain from the course is worth all of the effort you put into it.

Below are some tips to help you make the most of JRNL 408 and help you get the A you desire…

Work with an organization that you have a passion for: don’t settle for the first place you find! If you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing, it is going to be a long and hard semester!

To-Do Lists: the most important thing here. They keep you on track and they remind you of what you need done and when.

Use the journal, don’t just write it: your journal can be like a check list. The journal is required for JRNL 408 and it seems kind of monotonous and boring, but it is actually quite helpful. It keeps you sane, allows you to vent and helps you remember things you need to get done.

Lolita is a great resource: fact. Lolita is one of my favorite professors and is the professor for JRNL 408. She has a lot of great ideas and can help provide solutions to problems. If you need some advice – definitely go see her.

Keep in contact with your organization: very important! My project was mine for the making, so I didn’t have to stay in constant contact with my organization and have every little thing approved – but I did anyway. It helped keep me focused and helped me get things done when I wanted them done, even if the only real due date was the day of the final presentation.

Emily Vontom
Vice President of Events & Programs

3 responses to “JRNL 408: is it really that bad?

  1. Wow, Emily, I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’m just now seeing this article. Thanks for the compliments. You’ve done an excellent job describing the class and the AS-L project. I’d love to have you visit the class this fall and share more of your experiences.

    • Aww, it’s OK Lolita! No problem, I loved your class and your by far the best professor I’ve ever had! I’m so thankful for getting to take three basic PR classes all with you! 🙂 -Emily

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