Finding the wind beneath your wings

This week EMU PRSSA will be hosting its first Speed Mentoring event on Tuesday, Feb. 21. If you were guessing it was along the lines of speed dating, then you’re right on the money!

Seems like a fun and exciting time for just a day event, right? Not quite. What you take away from this two-hour event can set you in a new direction for your academic and professional career.



There are so many benefits to starting a mentoring relationship that I won’t try to list them all. I will, however, give you my top five reasons why being a mentee will allow you to gain instrumental insight beyond your own education and experience.

Inspiring Your Passion. Finding someone in your field of interest can really make the difference in how you proceed along your career path. Your mentor is not only a role model but a guide for where you want to go.

Opportunity is Knocking at the Door. One of the greatest benefits of having someone in the “inside” is access to the “unseen”. Your mentor enables you to “see” the extra scholarships, internships and job opportunities that can be difficult to find on your own. The resources your mentor can connect you with are priceless; you just have to be willing to “answer the door”.

I’ve Got Your Back. Sometimes we just need that extra little boost to keep reaching and achieving our goals. While at other times, we may be trying to do too much and just don’t see it. Either way, a mentor is there to offer their support and encouragement.

Take It From Someone Who Knows. More than likely, your mentor has been exactly where you are now. Utilize the experiences they share with you to learn more about your career.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me. Eventually, if you invest enough time into the relationship, you will begin to create the foundation for a continuously evolving, lasting, professional and personal network. THIS is the ultimate gift.

Mentees aren’t the only people who benefit from the fruits of a healthy mentorship. Mentors also take away things like:

  • Fostering the next generation and leaving behind their legacy in the academic world.
  • Helping emerging professionals develop their fullest potential.
  • Experiencing personal and professional growth.
  • Becoming recognized professionally as someone who can serve as an example and role model to others.

The impact a mentorship can have on the individuals involved is priceless. So, as you can see, speed mentoring can be more than just a fun event; it can lead to a life-long, professional relationship and friend.

Join us for our Speed Mentoring event on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 6 p.m. in room 310a in EMU’s Student Center.

Cherese Colston

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