Why Successful Companies Polish Internal PR before External PR

Teamwork is necessary in many aspects of life. It teaches the ability to compromise, offers different perspectives and is a tool to come up with great ideas. Sometimes working with others is a challenge

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but when your team is all on the same page, it can be incredibly beneficial (especially in the workplace). Internal public relations is very important and in some cases, it has been shown to be just as important, if not more, than external public relations.

Internal public relations is the way a company flows within its walls; the way the employees relate to one another. Without effective internal PR, a company’s team does not function smoothly. Internal PR is an essential part of a business’ PR plan because without it, nothing else would be able to work. It is imperative to gain a team-oriented mentality within the workplace before even attempting to promote PR externally.

Amanda DiSilvestro, of Business.com, offers three ways to improve internal PR within a corporation:

1.  Create an Editorial Calendar: DiSilvestro offers this idea as a way to unite the staff. Everyone has their own calendars for private scheduling but the entire staff also has one collaborative calendar that allows them to see what they need to accomplish as a team. This idea allows the team mentality to thrive and it insists on employees working cooperatively to accomplish their assigned tasks.

2.  Hold PR Meetings and Events: This idea seems obvious but it is an essential way to promote teamwork within the workplace. By conducting scheduled, timely meetings, the staff will be aware of what their coworkers are doing individually while also seeing where they stand collectively. This is a great tool for management because they can see where everyone stands and listen to individual and group ideas.

Events are a way to integrate coworkers in more of a social setting, like outside-of-the-office get togethers or celebrations. Invite employees’ families to come along as well. It makes people feel more connected to one another.

3.  Encourage Social Media Use: Social media is not only a tool to communicate with the public but it’s also an incredible way to communicate within the workplace. Instant messaging, social media websites (such as Facebook and Twitter) and email can be a great way to keep people connected within the company. This gives employees, who are not in the office, the ability to know what’s going on with their coworkers. Also, social media is a great way for management to stay connected with their staff on more of a personal level.

Internal PR is valuable within businesses and should most definitely be polished before even thinking about external PR.

Henry Ford said it best, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”


Cortney Peters
Vice President of Member Relations

One response to “Why Successful Companies Polish Internal PR before External PR

  1. totally awesome post, Cort! 🙂 Quicken Loans is a great example of this – they make everyone that works their feel like they are part of “the difference.” Like the team would not be the same without them, and they promote their team as a whole like crazy! 😀

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