Eisbrenner Tour Gives PR Students an In-Depth Look at Life at an Agency

Photo Courtesy of eisbrenner.com

If you didn’t get a chance to come to the Eisbrenner Public Relations agency tour in Royal Oak, you missed out on an excellent opportunity to widen your scope on the PR industry.

This type of experience is the reason I joined PRSSA at Eastern Michigan University and was worth the $60 membership fee alone. We were able to meet several people who work in the industry, ask them any questions we wanted, and got a feel for what it’s like work in a public relations agency environment.

The day started with a meeting to get to know some of the key members of the Eisbrenner PR team and some PR and communications students from Wayne State University. We then broke up into small groups and the Eisbrenner members ran different stations to teach us about the various hats that a PR practitioner must wear.

My group was first shown the differences between working at an agency and a corporate environment. Vice president of Eisbrenner, Steve Blow, and other staff members answered questions and told us about the positives and negatives about working on both sides of the industry. Steve made it clear that working in an agency is perfect for people that love multitasking and love doing something different on a day-to-day basis.

We also learned what goes into planning business-to-business events. We were thrust into a typical brainstorming meeting that takes place at Eisbrenner and learned some unique ways that a PR practitioner can plan an event.

Eisenbrenner staff members discussed how important social media is to what they do. We talked about how we as students use Twitter and Facebook and how the use of social media changes in the business world.  The use of LinkedIn and other social media outlets were also described and the importance of networking was highlighted.

Photo Courtesy of prworldasweknowit.wordpress.com

One of the best parts of the day was the discussion about what PR agencies look for in resumes and the interviewing process. I brought my resume and was delighted to have one of the staff members edit it for me! These are the types of things that are valuable as I begin the job-hunting process. Getting interviewing and resume tips from the Eisbrenner team definitely made me a more confident job seeker.

The day wrapped up discussing media relations. To me, this was the best discussion of the day, but I am biased, since I have worked on the other side as a journalist.  I loved how the importance of developing positive and trusting relationships with the media was stressed. Steve also gave us examples of what he has done in the past to develop relationships with journalists in and around the Detroit area.

The only thing I was disappointed with about the Eisbrenner agency tour was leaving! This appeared to be an awesome working environment and a place that I will keep in mind for an internship as I move forward towards graduation. The experience of the tour gave me real-life examples of the things I am learning in Eastern Michigan’s PR program. I can now visualize and apply the things I am learning into a real-life platform.

If you are a student that hopes to work in the public relations or communications field when you leave Eastern, you must join PRSSA to get these types of experiences!  It is blatantly obvious to me that these types of experiences will give me an advantage when it comes to finding and getting a great job in the future. The Eisbrenner tour was an experience that just can’t be duplicated in the classroom! I want to personally thank the members of the Eisbrenner team for a wonderful day that will help shape the direction of my career.

If you are serious about a career in PR and are not a member of PRSSA, you need to come to a general meeting and learn more about what you are missing!

Sam Plymale
Guest Blogger

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