Crisis Management Tips From Tim McIntyre

PRSSA was honored to have Tim McIntyre, the vice president of communications for Domino’s Pizza, come speak during our Student Development Conference this past December. Here are a few tips we learned from him:1) Develop a “culture of care” in your organization.

2) Make your friends before you need them. The way to do this is by being involved in your community. This lets the community know that you exist.

3) Treat EVERY complaint seriously.

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4) Be how you want to be perceived.

5) Engage – Always have dialog with customers.6) As far as social media is concerned with your company, always monitor the scene and always be vigilant if you find something to be untrue.

7) If you work for a company, say it. Don’t be afraid to represent your company and show off where you work and what you represent.

8) Always Remember, your response to a situation affects your reputation as much as the incident itself.

9) When a crisis occures: Assess the situation first. Know your audience. Don’t hide. Respond. Don’t put the wrong person in front of the media. Focus on the CORE message and put the issue into the right context.

Scott Mullin

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